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Cara Box / May Reveal

28 May

Today I’m revealing my May Cara Box to you. Cara Box is a way for bloggers to link up, meet new people and send each other encouragement in a sort of care package. This was my first month participating and I was paired up with two amazing bloggers. Kym sent me a box and I sent one to Britiany.

Kym is an amazing girl who loves to run (especially with her family), lives in Indiana, and is married to a Marine. She sent me a great box for  a summer cookout. The package was filled with such goodness, I can’t wait to use these things with B this summer!

IMG_0171Corn dishes and holders (which I love because I hate burning my fingers)
IMG_8954Scarf, earrings, red nail polish (they are awesome!)IMG_8232Corn tongs, spoon, spatula and bright yellow towel!
And a summer bbq towel and measuring spoons!IMG_3239
Thank you Kym for this great May Cara Box!


Event Planning / Gala Centerpieces

24 May

This past week has been very busy. Reason number 1 why this is only my third post this week. Work is definitely picking up and our camps start in only 9 days! I can’t believe they are already here!

I definitely want to update you on how my preparations for the Gala are coming. Catch up on all my previous preparations here, here and here!

I’ve been working hard on the centerpieces recently and want to outline for you what I’m thinking. These tissue paper sunbursts are made from the remains of the large flowers I showed you last week.

I love being resourceful!IMG_6258

I also put all the even smaller trimmings in glass vases.

IMG_9230 IMG_7930

To keep in line with the Cinco de Mayo theme and colors, I’ve designed 4 different centerpieces that will we randomly scattered around the room. Different collections on each table, so that it looks both cohesive and interesting.

Centerpiece 1: Tissue paper poms on skewers in a glass vase.

IMG_0592Centerpiece 2: Brightly colored flowers and greenery in a vase.

IMG_3385Centerpiece 3: Limes and Lemons in a large glass container

IMG_0533Centerpiece 4: Tin cans from the Mexican grocery store with succulence inside.

IMG_7776These are just some rough sketches that will make a reality next week! Let’s talk food next time. I have so many ideas. 😀

What are your party planning thoughts? What should I “make sure to remember” and “definitely not forget”?

Workwear: Animal Print Belt and Blue Chino

21 May

I love how these boat shoes match my skirt and my skirt goes with the belt and the belt with the top and necklace. The outfit works as you ascend. I think that’s ok, right? 🙂
IMG_2482 IMG_2890Top: Target — Skirt: Land’s End — Shoes: Discount Outlet — Necklace: Target — Belt: Target

Workwear: Striped Skirt and Blue Blouse

20 May

Good Monday morning! I’m finding more ways to style this a-line striped skirt. Here it is with a silky blue blouse from H&M. It was easy, comfortable, and perfect for a gorgeous Spring day!

If you didn’t see my Healthify update on Friday, I want to let you know that I’m cutting back my posts over the next 2 months because of the high intensity and craziness of work (summer camps across the country). I’ll definitely still be around through June and July but a little less often. However, when the end of July rolls around I’ll be coming back full force. Please stick with me! Thanks 🙂
IMG_3979 IMG_4583 IMG_5229Shirt: H&M — Skirt: Target — Sandals: Kohl’s — Necklace: Target

Healthify / 1

17 May

(I apologize for my absence yesterday afternoon. Since camps are fast approaching, work has been picking up and will continue to do so through July. Thank you for your understanding and patience. For the next two months, I will be limiting the amount of posts here down to a couple of times a week instead of twice a day. However, I will come back swinging at the end of July. Thanks for sticking with me!)

I can tell you something. These past two weeks didn’t go so well. Well not as far as my healthify goals. Last week I worked out once (a short, fast 2.2 mile run). This week I’ve run twice (12 total miles), did strength training once, and danced (dance workout) once. Definitely an improvement over last week, but I need to continue to look forward to my race in a week and a half.

Scale, vegetable, and water goals aren’t everything. There are other goals I did reach these past two weeks.

Did I tell you that I was racing my first 10k? The race is on Memorial Day, May 27, and I couldn’t be more excited about this (upcoming) running accomplishment.

533451_358893217496399_1508025728_nThis 10K is a Salute to Our Troops, meaning that all the proceeds go to supporting charities that help military families. I think I have more appreciation for races that are for charity or benefit a specific group of people and aren’t just for the runners benefit.

Sometimes running selfies don’t need to be taken. Sometimes a shadow of ones self will do. I promise that’s me.

This is me after hitting my 6.2 mile running goal!!!!!!! (extra exclamation marks for extra excitement)IMG_4096
I actually ran for 6.2 miles straight! And in just about an hours time I might add. That also means that I’m an “Hour Runner,” something I’ve wanted to be (in my mind) for a while. IMG_4290
Also, um, I burned 616 calories that run. That’s like half of what I eat in a day. 🙂 IMG_5544There you go. Even though I didn’t continue to make progress in many areas, consistency, fruit and vegetable intake, and weight, I did:

1) Train for a 10k race

2) Make my 10k goal distance (before the race I might add)

3) Run for a straight hour

What did you achieve this week? Any “non-scale” victories?

Workwear: Black and White Striped Maxi

17 May

A couple of weeks ago I purchased my first maxi dress! I’ve always thought they would be a cute, comfortable, and a classy addition to my wardrobe. So excited to have this black and white one in my closet now. It’s so versatile and it will be fun to style many different ways. Do you have a maxi? How do you wear it?
IMG_4156 IMG_7270 IMG_8614 IMG_8762Dress: Target — Sweater: Target — Necklace: Target — Shoes: Ross

Workwear: Floral Sleeveless and Plum Skirt

16 May

Feeling colorful? I’m not usually, but this outfit reminded me of my mom and how vibrantly she dresses. From the bright floral top to the plum skirt and blue belt, this outfit screams “I’m put together and I know it!” 🙂
IMG_3766 IMG_4863 IMG_6319Shirt: Target — Skirt: Banana Republic — Boots: Famous Footwear — Necklace: Target — Sweater: Old Navy — Belt: Kohl’s

Event Planning / Gala: Tissue Paper Flowers

15 May

Today, I bring you an update on my Gala preparations for Generation Joshua’s iGovern camps this summer. If you’ve been following along, you know that I work for an amazing organization called GenJ and have the privilege of planning a large party for the students this summer. Catch up here and here for more details!

In this Gala Prep update, I’m going to show you how to make simple tissue paper flowers. They will have a large, colorful impact at my  event and are quite easy to make! I’m using them in many varieties, colors, and places at our Gala. Of course I’m staying in our color palette, bright greens, vibrant yellows, deep oranges, poppy reds, and hints of a neutral white.

1) Gather a few different colors of tissue paper and fold them accordion style. Make sure you include at least 2 sheets of each color. Cut them various lengths to achieve the desired flower look in the end.

2) Unfold each tissue bunch and layer them from largest to smallest as shown below.IMG_9810IMG_0075
3) Then fold them back up (accordion style) and tie in the middle with string.IMG_50984) Pull up gently on each layer to flair them out, creating the flower effect. 

IMG_4880You may like the look of taping the two sides of each color together (it gives them a completed bloom look).


There you go! A simple way to incorporate color in to any event. For our Fiesta themed gala, they work perfectly in their color and style!

I love how they look in this picture!


How would you use them?

Workwear: Multi-Color Check and White Cardi

15 May

Beautiful combination. Crazy bright shirt and two neutral pieces. Plus with the pearls it makes the look a little more office chic and less clown clothes. 
IMG_8464 IMG_8683 IMG_9190Shirt: Target — Cardigan: Old Navy — Pants: Target — Belt: Thrifted — Necklace: Kohl’s — Flats: Target

Dinner: Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken Sandwich

14 May

This is a meal that needs no recipe. It’s one of the easiest dinners you’ll ever make and something perfect for a busy weeknight or Saturday picnic.

1) Place chicken breasts (2-4) in crock pot and pour on the bbq sauce. (1/2 – 1 bottle) Chicken can be used either thawed or frozen. I also added onion (1 whole) for flavor. 
2) Set on low for 8+ hours or high for 4+ hours. I let mine go until I get home from work and it turns out perfectly. After it’s cooked, use two forks to shred the chicken.IMG_1873
3) Serve on hamburger buns with pasta salad and corn (or any side dishes of your choice).
IMG_1875Enjoy the easiest most tasty meal of your summer! 🙂