My blog name Joodles Doodles, comes from two names that my mom used to call me when I was younger. Doodles, because I love to draw (mostly with sharpies) and create things and Joodles because it’s a riff of my full name Julia. I first used, JoodlesDoodles, when I entered a Sharpie art project at our county fair. I feel like it’s the perfect creative name for this creative blog.

This blog is about discovering flavorful food to serve my husband. It’s about finding ways to encourage my friends through cards and crafts. It’s about filling our home with beautiful DIY projects and simple pleasures. It’s about dressing my best and how much fun that can be every day. It’s about enjoying God’s creation through running and exploring the outdoors. It’s B and me and our life together.

I love being creative and discovering new innovative ways to do things. I like doing things myself. I like making new things from old things. I like fixing things, making beautiful cards, and drawing lettering with my extensive sharpie collection. I like making up recipes and trying them out on my husband or my friends.

I like simplicity and peacefulness. I love dreaming up new cute and chic outfits for my political job. I love running, especially in the morning. I’d love to run a marathon one day.

Enjoy my journey. I love creativity and I hope you do too.


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