Event Planning / Gala: Tissue Paper Flowers

15 May

Today, I bring you an update on my Gala preparations for Generation Joshua’s iGovern camps this summer. If you’ve been following along, you know that I work for an amazing organization called GenJ and have the privilege of planning a large party for the students this summer. Catch up here and here for more details!

In this Gala Prep update, I’m going to show you how to make simple tissue paper flowers. They will have a large, colorful impact at my  event and are quite easy to make! I’m using them in many varieties, colors, and places at our Gala. Of course I’m staying in our color palette, bright greens, vibrant yellows, deep oranges, poppy reds, and hints of a neutral white.

1) Gather a few different colors of tissue paper and fold them accordion style. Make sure you include at least 2 sheets of each color. Cut them various lengths to achieve the desired flower look in the end.

2) Unfold each tissue bunch and layer them from largest to smallest as shown below.IMG_9810IMG_0075
3) Then fold them back up (accordion style) and tie in the middle with string.IMG_50984) Pull up gently on each layer to flair them out, creating the flower effect. 

IMG_4880You may like the look of taping the two sides of each color together (it gives them a completed bloom look).


There you go! A simple way to incorporate color in to any event. For our Fiesta themed gala, they work perfectly in their color and style!

I love how they look in this picture!


How would you use them?


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