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Workwear: Pink eyelet and grey cardi

28 Feb

I’m feeling like spring and strawberry colored shirts are in! This eyelet sleeveless shirt from Old Navy worked perfectly in the 50 degree winter weather we’ve been having.

IMG_3273Shirt: Old Navy ($10) — Striped khakis: Gap ($15) — Cardigan: JCrew gift — Belt: Target ($10) — Flats: Target ($9)


How To: Birthday Morning Surprise

27 Feb

Today is my man’s birthday! While he’s not a big fan of the day, I couldn’t speak higher of birthdays. I love them. Everyone should love them!! I think I do as much celebrating on his special day as he does. 🙂

The plan: wake up early this morning and decorate the living room and kitchen before he woke up. Also, make cinnamon rolls and leave them on the table for his birthday breakfast!

The goods: stop at the party store on the way home from work the day before and pick up supplies.

The supplies: Birthday table cloth, balloons, ribbon, tape, streamers, large signage, birthday napkins and more balloons.

6:00am: Wake up and drag myself out of bed. (I don’t usually get up til…7:30?) 🙂

6:10am: Blow up balloons

6:25am: Find brown craft paper and make large “Happy Birthday” and “I love you” signs with sharpies.

6:40am: Hang up said signs and balloons with ribbons and tape.

7:00am: Drape streamers all around the house and add more balloons.

7:30am: Turn on oven and cook cinnamon rolls. A pillsbury masterpiece.

7:45am: Dress for the day and put on makeup while cinnamon rolls cook.

8:00am: Frost cinnamon rolls and sneak out of the house for work!

Here’s how it went down!

IMG_0137 IMG_1119 IMG_2094IMG_8634 IMG_2844 IMG_3069IMG_9841

He actually woke up before I left so I got to see him find the whole apartment decorated. It was pretty great. I love my man and just wanted to make his birthday special. 🙂

Workwear: Bird Blouse and Olive Pants

27 Feb

Tip: If you’re petite, give yourself permission to browse through the girls/boys department. Often times shirts will fit better and cost half the price!

I found this colorful bird blouse in the girl’s section of Old Navy. Size Large was a perfect fit and it only cost $10 on sale! I also looked in the boy’s department before I left and found the grey linen shirt, which I wore on Monday (also a size large). Not everything will be age appropriate or fit a women’s figure, but it doesn’t hurt to look, especially as they often half the price of women’s clothing.

Also, I love the neckline on this blouse. I have nothing else like it!
IMG_4931IMG_0963 IMG_9057Shirt: Old Navy: ($10) — Sweater: Eddie Bauer ($15) — Pants: Target ($15) — Shoes: Target ($10)

New Office: Seating Area

26 Feb

A few weeks ago, I moved into a new office and ventured to make it a simply lovely place to work. It had to be peaceful, quiet, well-lit, needed to seem bigger than it was, and be a place I wanted to work in everyday. In the last post I featured my desk. It incorporated funny pictures of me and my husband, a small plant, slab of wood and burlap pencil holder. Along with two lamps, my office decor was well on its way.

Now on to the seating area. As small as this “closet” of an office is, I still wanted to have a place I could sit, other than my desk, or where other people could sit who came by to chat. The chairs had to be comfortable, the right size for the space, and could not be typical office chairs. I wanted it to feel like a part of a living room that was also appropriate for an office environment.

I also wanted to incorporate more lighting and a small table to hold at least a mug of coffee. Here are pictures of my new sitting area!

I found the two leather chairs from Walmart for $60. Same price as one from Marshall’s or Home Goods.


The small side table came from Target $40. It’s the perfect height for the chairs and the right size for the space. 

The clock never found a home in our apartment but it works perfectly on this side table in my office! It’s burlap and I bought it at Target for $8. Also, the small succulents came from Walmart along with the one on my desk for under $3. It’s the perfect pop of green.
IMG_6603Lastly, the small waist basket came from a Bed, Bath and Beyond sale for $4. It’s made of bamboo with a white linen liner.

IMG_6627What do you think of the space?

Workwear: Polka Dots and Stripes

26 Feb

Tip: Mix prints and add a pop of color! nfm.

I love love love how this outfit turned out. I usually shy away from prints and non-pencil skirts. But here, everything worked! I absolutely love the black and white polka dot blouse with the black and white striped skirt. Everything rounded out nicely with a black suede heel and turquoise necklace!

IMG_7651 IMG_7727IMG_1959
Blouse: Target ($14) — Skirt: Target ($14) — Sweater: Target old — Necklace: Anniversary gift — Heels: Kohl’s ($18)

Do you mix prints?


Workwear: Linen shirt and pearls

25 Feb

Tip: Try pairing something masculine with something feminine for a change of pace.

This button-up linen shirt (masculine-esque) works well paired with the pearls (feminine-esque) as something new and unexpected (at least for me).

IMG_4106 IMG_5192 IMG_6624Shirt: Old Navy ($10) — Pearls: Kohl’s gift — Skirt: Target ($15) — Flats: Gap ($16)

What articles of clothing or accessories would you pair together for an unexpected look?


Weekend Recap

25 Feb

If you follow me on Instagram: joodlesdoodles, you will have seen these pictures. If not, then you should! 🙂

B’s birthday is on Wednesday so we went for an early outing to the local Air and Space Museum. They recently acquired the Space Shuttle and it was amazing to see up close.


On Sunday, we had lunch with a dear couple at our favorite local burger joint. (She blogs at Brooke and Levi) Then the girls went to a baby shower for a good friend of ours with whom we went to college. (The guys weren’t interested in the baby shower. Go figure) This is the card I made for her gift.IMG_6201And here is the beautiful setting of the shower. It was a gorgeous house overlooking the valley in NoVA. We had a great time with some amazing women and good food in celebration of a new life!


The shower was for Rebecca Gallop over at A Daily Something. If you haven’t checked out her blog you definitely should! She is a long time friend and has an amazing blog which showcases her styling, recipes, event planning and thrifting adventures.

What adventures did you embark on over the weekend?

Burlap Decor: Coffee table

22 Feb

To finish off what I have named, Burlap Decor Week, here’s our coffee table. We used to have a burlap runner on our old coffee table and it was always slipping around and ended up very frayed on the edges. This time I folded the edges under so that they couldn’t be frayed and pulled the ends under and duct taped them so it couldn’t move.

I’ve also been trying to add more color and life to our apartment, so I introduced a terrarium, bonsai plant, succulents and my two Valentine’s bouquets. The greenery looks great on the bookcase, coffee table and round side table!IMG_5876 IMG_7375

What did you think of Burlap Decor Week and the introduction of plant life in our apartment?

Workwear: Butterfly scarf and white cardi

22 Feb

Tip: If you have a dress that is high-waisted, put a cardigan over it and you will be able to place a belt at any waist level you choose!

I love this little black dress and I’ve had it for more than 7 years. It’s so versatile! One problem I had is that it has a high waist. The waist band is right under my bust, which makes it hard to wear with belts (at my natural waist line) or cardigans that aren’t cropped. However, I discovered that if you put a cardigan on and then the belt you can cover up the actual waist line is on the dress and make your own.

Adding a scarf or a leather jacket completes the outfit!

IMG_6311 IMG_0354 IMG_2531IMG_7779
Dress:  Loft gift — Sweater: Old Navy gift — Belt: Kohl’s gift — Scarf: Gift Shop at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in DC ($20) — Jacket: Ross ($10) — Flats: Target ($7)

Burlap decor: Styled Bookcase

21 Feb

I sincerely love burlap and I love decorating with it around the apartment. If you couldn’t tell by the easy DIY valance that I made earlier this week. 🙂 The bookcase that I am featuring today has a dark brown burlap running!

This bookcase has always been a mess, especially the top surface. It usually gets crowded with mail, purses, and magazines etc. It’s like a dumping ground. I figure that if it is full of pretty things than it wouldn’t get messy. (that’s that thought anyway!)

So I started with the chocolate brown burlap runner and added a mason jar terrarium, two beautiful bouquets of roses that my husband gave me for Valentine’s day, our wedding album, red tray for our mail, picture of me with friends, candle holder and red candle, and a red ball vase.

IMG_2094 IMG_4905 IMG_5334 IMG_6126 IMG_7312It really adds a lot to our entry way and I love how it turned out!