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Workwear: Mint Blouse and Red Sweater

12 Dec

Jumping on the mint trend that has been roaming our closets for years now, I’m presenting this outfit full of color and class. Or at least I hope.

I love how everything worked together and the beige flats provide the perfect classic finishing to the outfit. I didn’t want to add a necklace because the red/mint top combo and the black/brown pants combo seemed interesting enough. Enjoy!afterlight (4) afterlight (3) afterlight (2)Blouse: Old Navy — Sweater: Old Navy — Pants: Old Navy — Belt: Target — Flats: Target


Workwear: Green Skirt and Animal Print Scarf

30 Oct

I’m loving the Blazer trend right now. I’ve started to pair the three that I have with just about everything, pants, dresses, and skirts. This skirt is a newer one in my closet and I just love it. It adds the right amount of color without going too over the edge. I love how all these different colors, brown, green, grey, black and animal print, go together in one outfit! I think that’s my favorite type of look. One where I can put on many different colors but it still looks chic, classy and pulled together for the office.
IMG_3526 IMG_3527Skirt: Target (similar) — Blazer: Macy’s (similar) — Shirt: Target (similar) — Scarf: Amazon (similar) — Boots: Famous Footwear (similar)

Workwear: Blue Print Blouse and Nude Flats

10 Oct

Getting back into blogging means putting together new outfits and thinking up creative ways to dress at work! I’m glad that it’s fall again. That means that I’ll be wearing work outfits more regularly and well, everyone knows that fall clothes are the best and most versatile (can you say, LAYERING!)

I found this blouse on Old Navy online. It was on sale and with the 40% off coupon (emailed to me every week) this one item ended up being $4. With the beige/khaki pants and flats combo, my leg line extends down to the ground. Remember talking about how keeping colors the same makes you appear taller?  (in this post and this one).

I think I’m beginning to like this kind of look: untucked blouse with skinny pants and flats. It feels easy yet pulled together and something I can put on for work but doesn’t take tons of effort in the morning.

IMG_5792IMG_2253 IMG_6095

Blouse: Old Navy online — Scarf: Gift (similar) — Pants: Target — Flats: Target

What’s your “go to” look?

Workwear: Animal Print Belt and Blue Chino

21 May

I love how these boat shoes match my skirt and my skirt goes with the belt and the belt with the top and necklace. The outfit works as you ascend. I think that’s ok, right? 🙂
IMG_2482 IMG_2890Top: Target — Skirt: Land’s End — Shoes: Discount Outlet — Necklace: Target — Belt: Target

Workwear: Striped Skirt and Blue Blouse

20 May

Good Monday morning! I’m finding more ways to style this a-line striped skirt. Here it is with a silky blue blouse from H&M. It was easy, comfortable, and perfect for a gorgeous Spring day!

If you didn’t see my Healthify update on Friday, I want to let you know that I’m cutting back my posts over the next 2 months because of the high intensity and craziness of work (summer camps across the country). I’ll definitely still be around through June and July but a little less often. However, when the end of July rolls around I’ll be coming back full force. Please stick with me! Thanks 🙂
IMG_3979 IMG_4583 IMG_5229Shirt: H&M — Skirt: Target — Sandals: Kohl’s — Necklace: Target

Workwear: Black and White Striped Maxi

17 May

A couple of weeks ago I purchased my first maxi dress! I’ve always thought they would be a cute, comfortable, and a classy addition to my wardrobe. So excited to have this black and white one in my closet now. It’s so versatile and it will be fun to style many different ways. Do you have a maxi? How do you wear it?
IMG_4156 IMG_7270 IMG_8614 IMG_8762Dress: Target — Sweater: Target — Necklace: Target — Shoes: Ross

Workwear: Floral Sleeveless and Plum Skirt

16 May

Feeling colorful? I’m not usually, but this outfit reminded me of my mom and how vibrantly she dresses. From the bright floral top to the plum skirt and blue belt, this outfit screams “I’m put together and I know it!” 🙂
IMG_3766 IMG_4863 IMG_6319Shirt: Target — Skirt: Banana Republic — Boots: Famous Footwear — Necklace: Target — Sweater: Old Navy — Belt: Kohl’s

Workwear: Multi-Color Check and White Cardi

15 May

Beautiful combination. Crazy bright shirt and two neutral pieces. Plus with the pearls it makes the look a little more office chic and less clown clothes. 
IMG_8464 IMG_8683 IMG_9190Shirt: Target — Cardigan: Old Navy — Pants: Target — Belt: Thrifted — Necklace: Kohl’s — Flats: Target

Workwear: Light Blue Pants and Black Blazer

14 May

Today we have another edition of the Light Blue Pants. (yes, I know they look mint colored, but they really are light blue) I love this black blazer. It goes with everything and completely makes this outfit work worthy.

I feel like I say that everyday. But the thing with blazers is they have the ability to make almost any outfit ready for the office. Don’t underestimate their power! Try on a pair of pants and a shirt, throw on a blazer and you tell me it doesn’t elevate the outfit. 
IMG_4289 IMG_2584Shirt: Old Navy — Pants: Target online — Belt: Target — Necklaces: Target — Blazer: Macy’s — Sandals: Old Navy

Workwear: Print Skirt and Blue Blazer

13 May

Tip: Try pairing a full (just above the knee-length length) skirt with a fitted blazer. The blazer will tone down the fullness of the skirt and make the outfit office-ready. 
IMG_8834IMG_5237IMG_1540Shirt: Eddie Bauer — Blazer: H&M — Skirt: H&M — Belt: Target? — Sandals: Old Navy