B and I went to the same college. We play on opposite ultimate frisbee teams. We experienced the pain of physics homework together.  But he loved writing me letters on yellow lined paper. I got to know him through crossword puzzles at lunch in the dining hall. He said he loved our outdoor expeditions. Through a year and a half, we talked, cried, smiled, hiked, dreamed, laughed and promised to love each other forever.

We promised to be each others favorite one and only forever.

He asked me to marry him in April. It was a rainy day and we walked at my favorite beautiful park along the Hudson River. We were going to have an Easter egg hunt. But we stopped at a large pavilion over looking the river, which was made out of natural branches. The eggs were numbered 1-12. Each had a folded up piece of paper describing a memory we shared and an attribute about me that he admired/like. The last egg he prompted me to open was the coveted “golden egg”. It said, “do you remember when I asked you to marry me?” And he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said, “yes, Yes, YES!” 😀

There in that cozy shelter on that rainy day by that lovely river, we promised to be forever each others.

Later we took engagement pictures:

And more engagement pictures (here and here) with our wedding photographer Jennifer.


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