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Your Style / Mixing Prints

5 Dec

Two weeks ago I asked my readers to send in their mixing prints styled outfits. I was featuring my own outfit where I paired a polka dot shirt with a striped sweater and wondered what you guys could come up with! My sister-in-law Heather put together quite the incredible mixed prints outfit using the color blue.

Remember how I mentioned, when you’re mixing prints in an outfit, it helps to have a base color? Heather’s base color was blue. Each piece she is wearing has that color in it, which helps tie the whole outfit together!

Thanks for sending in your pictures Heather! It’s an honor to feature you on my blog today. 🙂

photo (15) photo (16) photo (14) After seeing this feature and my original post, if you would like to be added to this blog reader showcase of mixed prints in an outfit, send your pictures my way! Just email me: joodlesdoodles@gmail.com.


Workwear: Animal Print Belt and Blue Chino

21 May

I love how these boat shoes match my skirt and my skirt goes with the belt and the belt with the top and necklace. The outfit works as you ascend. I think that’s ok, right? 🙂
IMG_2482 IMG_2890Top: Target — Skirt: Land’s End — Shoes: Discount Outlet — Necklace: Target — Belt: Target

Workwear: Striped Skirt and Blue Blouse

20 May

Good Monday morning! I’m finding more ways to style this a-line striped skirt. Here it is with a silky blue blouse from H&M. It was easy, comfortable, and perfect for a gorgeous Spring day!

If you didn’t see my Healthify update on Friday, I want to let you know that I’m cutting back my posts over the next 2 months because of the high intensity and craziness of work (summer camps across the country). I’ll definitely still be around through June and July but a little less often. However, when the end of July rolls around I’ll be coming back full force. Please stick with me! Thanks 🙂
IMG_3979 IMG_4583 IMG_5229Shirt: H&M — Skirt: Target — Sandals: Kohl’s — Necklace: Target

Workwear: Black and White Striped Maxi

17 May

A couple of weeks ago I purchased my first maxi dress! I’ve always thought they would be a cute, comfortable, and a classy addition to my wardrobe. So excited to have this black and white one in my closet now. It’s so versatile and it will be fun to style many different ways. Do you have a maxi? How do you wear it?
IMG_4156 IMG_7270 IMG_8614 IMG_8762Dress: Target — Sweater: Target — Necklace: Target — Shoes: Ross

Workwear: Light Blue Pants and Black Blazer

14 May

Today we have another edition of the Light Blue Pants. (yes, I know they look mint colored, but they really are light blue) I love this black blazer. It goes with everything and completely makes this outfit work worthy.

I feel like I say that everyday. But the thing with blazers is they have the ability to make almost any outfit ready for the office. Don’t underestimate their power! Try on a pair of pants and a shirt, throw on a blazer and you tell me it doesn’t elevate the outfit. 
IMG_4289 IMG_2584Shirt: Old Navy — Pants: Target online — Belt: Target — Necklaces: Target — Blazer: Macy’s — Sandals: Old Navy

Workwear: Print Skirt and Blue Blazer

13 May

Tip: Try pairing a full (just above the knee-length length) skirt with a fitted blazer. The blazer will tone down the fullness of the skirt and make the outfit office-ready. 
IMG_8834IMG_5237IMG_1540Shirt: Eddie Bauer — Blazer: H&M — Skirt: H&M — Belt: Target? — Sandals: Old Navy

Workwear: Green Pants and Navy Striped Shirt

9 May

I love the styling and color of this outfit. This is one of the most comfortable shirts from H&M I own. Usually they are too tall in the shoulders but this one has long short sleeves and stays put very well.

Also, these green pants are the most comfortable pair of pants I own. They have the right amount of stretch in them. A bit of stretch is essential to every good pair of pants. It helps them keep their shape and increases their level of comfort.
IMG_4477IMG_9835 IMG_9880Shirt: H&M — Pants: Ross — Sweater: Tommy Hilfiger — Flats: Target — Belt: old gift — Necklace: Target

Workwear: Multicolored Dress and Army Jacket

8 May

Tip: Take a multicolored dress, mix in a sweater or jacket that plays off one of the colors in the dress, add a delicate necklace, and some neutral shoes.

What’s your recipe for a good outfit?
IMG_6592 IMG_7878(sorry for the awkward cell cord pics btw.)

Dress: Target — Jacket: Eddie Bauer — Necklace: Target — Sandals: Old Navy

Workwear: Hippie Tunic and Red Cardigan

6 May

After wearing this outfit and getting incredible encouragement to try to incorporate more tunics and long sweater into my outfits, I present you this. I like how the red sweater pulls out the subtle reds in the tunic. I think the mixture of the top lengths works well. What do you think?
IMG_4941 IMG_6976 IMG_9237Tunic: Eddie Bauer — Sweater: Target — Khakis: Target — Flats: Target — Necklace: Target

Casual day: Linen shirt and Dark pink pants

29 Mar


My work gave us Good Friday off. I am so thankful for this. Not only has it been a long week but I’m grateful for the time I can spend starting to focus on Easter.

This outfit has some great color. The dark charcoal/navy linen shirt paired with medium pink washed pants, make me smile. The pants were a recent acquisition from a friend. Actually I didn’t do any of the acquiring. Josie just said, “what size are you? I have some things I think you’d like.” Don’t you just love friends like that?

Anyway, I love how this looks. Natural, harmonious, easy. Some of the words I love to feel when I look at or wear an outfit.

IMG_1896 IMG_1897 IMG_1898 IMG_1899Pants: Gift — Shirt: Old Navy ($10) — Necklace: Target ($2) — Shoes: Target ($9)