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Healthify Update

30 Apr

I was updating my “Workout” spreadsheet last night and thought, “I’d probably better give my blog and update on how Healthy Living is going”. So would you like to hear? I can tell you now that I’ve reached a few goals, I haven’t actually seen improvement but I can feel it, and I’m still going strong. I have a lot more energy and I’m excited for the coming weeks.

Let’s take a look at my 3 goals from the last post and see how they are workin’ out for me. (take that back: Let’s see how I’m makin them happen!)

1. Drinking at least 1.5 Liters of water a day

I am drinking at least this much water a day. I have a 1.5 liter water bottle I bring to work every day. I also have a glass of water at breakfast and at least one at dinner. This is going very well. I love seeing the empty bottle at the end of the day and know that I drank it all!

2. Eating at least 1 serving of fruit and 1 of vegetables at each meal

Breakfast: I’ve starting drinking green smoothies as a breakfast meal replacement. They have at least 1 fruit and 1 vegetable in them (probably more like 3-4). They taste great and make me feel so energized in the morning.

Lunch: I bring a piece of fruit (usually an apple) and raw vegetables to work. Sometimes it’s more like a salad with fruit, but either way I get two more servings.

Dinner: This meal seems the hardest to incorporate fruits and vegetables into. I know it shouldn’t be, because how easy is salad or a can of corn and fruit salad? But just so you know, I’m still working here. I usually get either fruits or vegetables on the plate. So that adds up to at least 5 fruits/vegetables a day. Not bad Jill.

3. Alternating running and 1 hour strength training every other day

This is also going very well. I’ve found that my most consistent days are Saturday through Wednesday. By Thursday, I don’t want to work out and Friday, well forget it. I hope to get more consistent but hey, maybe I just take my weekend rest days early!

What I’ve achieved so far:

  1. I’ve worked up to running 5 miles at a time! This is a huge achievement for me. I jumped up and down when I hit that mark yesterday. 😀 
  2. I signed up for a 10k on Memorial Day. If any of you are in the area, come join me! It’s my first 10k and I haven’t run a race since Thanksgiving so I’m looking forward to it. (I just need to add 1.2 miles to my runs!)
  3. Consistency in the three goals mentioned above (this is a big step forward).

These pics are from my 5 miler yesterday! 😀 (including a running selfie!)

IMG_9613 IMG_5401

Future goals:

  1. Sign up for and run a 20k (there’s one at the end of the summer I have my eye on but we’ll see). I’d like to run one by the end of the year.
  2. Work out 6 days a week allowing one day off.
  3. Cut back on fried and breaded foods. (cut back, not eliminate = here and there, once a week or less)

Consistency is my Goal. As a wise Pinterest picture said once:


(Source unknown)

I turned my picture yesterday into my Facebook cover photo. Love it!


How are you guys doing! Any fitness, weight loss or healthy living goals you’d like to share?


Workwear: Black and Blue skirt with Strawberry Top

30 Apr


Trying something new here. I never even thought of these things together. This outfit came about when I had 5 minutes to dress one morning and definitely wanted to wear this bright pink shirt. Sometimes I put on one piece of clothing I definitely feel like wearing that day and make everything else fit/match it. Such is this outfit. How do you put together outfits? Do you have one go-to look when you’re running late on a work day?IMG_5157 IMG_1847 IMG_6269 IMG_1101Shirt: Target — Sweater: Target — Skirt: Banana Republic — Belt: came with an H&M dress — Necklace: Kohl’s — Shoes: Payless


Weekend Recap: BurgerFi

29 Apr

Bradley and I tried out the new burger joint in our town Saturday. If you didn’t know this (see last burger post), we are big burger people. And by that I mean we love burgers not that we look like big, big burgers. 😉

We drove by BurgerFi last time we went to the movies. I loved how it looked from the outside with patio seating and modern logo and was excited to see inside. I had heard from friends that it wasn’t as good as the acclaimed Market Burger, but we still had to try it out.

Here are a few pictures of the restaurant as we walked in. I love their metal chairs and large wooden tables.

IMG_2163 IMG_8491How cool are these light fixtures! They look like a mix between antlers and twisty ties. 
I love burgers that require napkins. If they don’t get you messy, they aren’t doing it right.

IMG_0792We placed our order. The menu screens neared the top of the 15+ foot ceilings were a bit hard to read but we found paper menus at the front of the line. He ordered fries and I ordered onion rings, saying we would share with each other. We’re good like that. Grabbing our drinks, we headed outside to find a table in the sun. Gorgeous day.
IMG_2822My love bringing me our dinner! He’s so handsome 😀 My Captain America.

IMG_4937As he brought the tray toward me, the most noticeable thing on it was the onion rings. Onion Rings like you’ve never seen before. Onion rings so large the looked like bangles for an Amazon. Where you do you find onions that large?

onionringsBoth the rings and the fries were tasty. The fries were the right amount of crispiness and meatiness. Delicious! The burgers did indeed live up to their messiness claim. Look at that bacon and cheese just oozing out! Over all a good burger (still not Market Burger) but better than our last outing at Melt.

IMG_7425If you ever come to Northern Virginia, I will personally take you to Market Burger. Yes, it’s that good and no, no need to thank me.

After the delicious dinner we went on a drive looking for places to take a few photos. From time to time, B likes practicing his photography skills and I am a willing subject. Sometimes, I like my outfits to be captured by more than my iPhone. (Pictures from that shoot coming soon!)


We took a back road. One we hadn’t ever before. And Ended up someway we didn’t expect. It was glorious. Blasting the country music, getting lost, enjoying the nature, such a good Saturday evening. 😀

IMG_8875What did you do last weekend? Did it involve food, adventure and pictures? To stay in touch with me on the weekend by following my Instagram: joodlesdoodles.

Workwear: Pink Blouse and Brown Cardi

29 Apr

Don’t always feel like you have to tuck in your shirts for work. Sometimes it looks nice to leave them out, especially if they fall right at your hip. 
IMG_2431IMG_9696Blouse: H&M — Sweater: Tommy Hilfiger — Pants: Gap — Flats: Target — Necklace: Me

Summer Plans

26 Apr

Last week over lunch break, I started jotting down some Summer 2013 Bucket List ideas for B and me. Most of them are things: we’ve been talking about doing but haven’t, located in the area, and in line with our interests. Not that there has to be guidelines but I like structure and organization. 🙂

So here’s my list of things I hope we can do this summer. It’s not complete and it’s not mandatory but I thought it would be fun to plan some weekends away and visit new places. As you can tell by many of the items on our list, we love baseball, parks and food! 🙂

IMG_8357 IMG_5559 IMG_5727 IMG_7322A few things like, Brunch with the Kauffmans and have friends over to play Kinect we’ve already done but I’m not going to cross them off because I’m hoping for multiple brunches and dance sessions this summer!

What are some things on your Summer Bucket List? We all have a list whether it’s written down or not. I’d love to hear you summer hopes and dreams!

Workwear: Red Pants and a Grey Linen Shirt

26 Apr

These pants and this outfit make me feel like rockin’ out! As you can see in the pictures below. 🙂 Smile if you will, dance if you want and feel happy that it’s Friday! What kind of outfit or article of clothing makes you feel like dancing?
IMG_7772 IMG_7867 IMG_5226Pants Target — Shoes: Target — Shirt: Old Navy — Cardi: Gap — Necklace: Target


Workwear: Long White Cardi and Mustard Belt

25 Apr

Today is another edition of: Attack of the Clothes! (aka outfits that don’t work for me) However in saying this, I realize that sometimes clothes have too much power. Now their power comes from us so it’s really that we rely to heavily on the items we wear. I have no problem relying on their strength. I actually quite like that my shirt yesterday had great seaming and my pants today did not spontaneously fall off. I am talking about their power over your mood, over your happiness and over your confidence.

Yes, clothing has the ability to give you all those things (a good mood, happiness and confidence) but it can take it away as well, if we let it. Let your clothes know who is boss! Rise up, seize them by their itchy annoying tags, and shout, “I am your owner. Fear and Respect me!” And if they don’t cooperate, ehh they are just cardigans and corduroys in your drawers and you can leave them anytime you want.

Basically, clothing isn’t everything. Don’t become a slave to them. Yes, I have fun putting together outfits every morning, but I won’t let it become an idol. I don’t let them have that kind of power over me and you shouldn’t either.

What inspired all of these thoughts was looking at this outfit and thinking, “Man, I have hips.” This sweater doesn’t work for me and it may be time for me to realize that and give it up. I’ve had it for years and every time I wear it I feel uncomfortable about the way it makes me look. Pockets on my hips (when you have hips) can add interest or it can look awkward and bulky. Either way this outfit was comfortable and I made it through the day. But, it may be the last time this sweater makes an appearance.

IMG_0304 IMG_3374Dress: Loft — Sweater: Eddie Bauer — Necklace: Target — Belt: Kohl’s — Shoes: Target


Product Review: Folgers Breakfast Blend

24 Apr

Are you a coffee drinker? I am and I look forward to my first cup every morning. I always brew it right from the Keurig we got for our wedding. Now, I know you might prefer to use a Chemex or French Press, but until I have one for myself, I’ll stick with my tried and true Keurig.

As you know, Keurigs can brew coffee, tea, hot chocolate and many other drinks. All you have to do insert this little thing called a K-Cup and go! There are so many different blends, flavors, and brands of coffee though, how do you make a choice!? I’m actually asking you, how do you choose your preferred K-Cup coffee?

My favorite ones are all “Blends”, meaning they aren’t straight “French Vanilla” or “Dark Magic” but  are a mix of two different beans with distinct flavors. This means you’re getting a deeper and more rich flavor profile in one cup! That’s what my coffee guru friends tell me anyway. 😉

There’s this particular one called Folger’s Breakfast Blend. It’s been my favorite for a while and sure makes a great cup of coffee. I’ll tell you, it’s one of the highlights of my morning, every morning. I don’t add anything except half and half so I am sure to get the full flavor of the coffee.

IMG_4663 IMG_1595

So do you have a favorite flavor, blend or brand? I’d love to hear! I’m always looking for something new to try.

*All views are my own. This is not a sponsored post and I did not benefit from writing it.

Workwear: Red Printed Dress and Jean Jacket

24 Apr

This dress is the cutest thing I’ve ever bought for $5 from Target. It’s both professional and lightweight, which means it’s the perfect in between seasons dress for the work place! It was a little “gappy” at the top and long on the bottom so I took up the straps about an inch and a half. Now it fits perfect in the bodice and length. What’s your perfect in between seasons dress?
IMG_4873 IMG_6494 IMG_7115IMG_3253


Dress: Target online — Jacket: Old Navy — Flats: Target — Belt: Kohl’s — Necklace: Target

Dinner: Chicken Wraps

23 Apr

So you need an easy recipe for dinner? Well you came to the right place. I have this simple concoction that is easily modified depending on your mood or contents of your fridge. Basically, it’s a chicken wrap. Chicken optional, wrap optional. I’ve been making these for a few months now and every time, the spices on the chicken vary, the vegetables inside differ, sometimes I don’t even use a wrap, but they are always delicious!

This is my take on a Southwest Style Chicken Wrap.

1) Chop up and fry some chicken. I used a little olive oil, salt, pepper and some taco seasoning


2) Put together a salad. I included romaine, tomatoes, peppers, onions and shredded cheddar cheese.

3) When the chicken has cooked through, chop it up and add it with some ranch dressing to the salad. Toss with tongs.

4) Heat tortillas for about 30 seconds in the microwave and dish out some of the salad on the wrap.
5) Wrap up and enjoy!IMG_9710
I don’t have a recipe for this because it’s just too simple! Let me know your take on the Chicken Wrap!