Cara Box / May Reveal

28 May

Today I’m revealing my May Cara Box to you. Cara Box is a way for bloggers to link up, meet new people and send each other encouragement in a sort of care package. This was my first month participating and I was paired up with two amazing bloggers. Kym sent me a box and I sent one to Britiany.

Kym is an amazing girl who loves to run (especially with her family), lives in Indiana, and is married to a Marine. She sent me a great box for  a summer cookout. The package was filled with such goodness, I can’t wait to use these things with B this summer!

IMG_0171Corn dishes and holders (which I love because I hate burning my fingers)
IMG_8954Scarf, earrings, red nail polish (they are awesome!)IMG_8232Corn tongs, spoon, spatula and bright yellow towel!
And a summer bbq towel and measuring spoons!IMG_3239
Thank you Kym for this great May Cara Box!


2 Responses to “Cara Box / May Reveal”

  1. Miss Angie 28.28.2013 at 4:06 pm #

    That is awesome, loving the BBQ stuff right in time for summer!

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