Healthify / 1

17 May

(I apologize for my absence yesterday afternoon. Since camps are fast approaching, work has been picking up and will continue to do so through July. Thank you for your understanding and patience. For the next two months, I will be limiting the amount of posts here down to a couple of times a week instead of twice a day. However, I will come back swinging at the end of July. Thanks for sticking with me!)

I can tell you something. These past two weeks didn’t go so well. Well not as far as my healthify goals. Last week I worked out once (a short, fast 2.2 mile run). This week I’ve run twice (12 total miles), did strength training once, and danced (dance workout) once. Definitely an improvement over last week, but I need to continue to look forward to my race in a week and a half.

Scale, vegetable, and water goals aren’t everything. There are other goals I did reach these past two weeks.

Did I tell you that I was racing my first 10k? The race is on Memorial Day, May 27, and I couldn’t be more excited about this (upcoming) running accomplishment.

533451_358893217496399_1508025728_nThis 10K is a Salute to Our Troops, meaning that all the proceeds go to supporting charities that help military families. I think I have more appreciation for races that are for charity or benefit a specific group of people and aren’t just for the runners benefit.

Sometimes running selfies don’t need to be taken. Sometimes a shadow of ones self will do. I promise that’s me.

This is me after hitting my 6.2 mile running goal!!!!!!! (extra exclamation marks for extra excitement)IMG_4096
I actually ran for 6.2 miles straight! And in just about an hours time I might add. That also means that I’m an “Hour Runner,” something I’ve wanted to be (in my mind) for a while. IMG_4290
Also, um, I burned 616 calories that run. That’s like half of what I eat in a day. 🙂 IMG_5544There you go. Even though I didn’t continue to make progress in many areas, consistency, fruit and vegetable intake, and weight, I did:

1) Train for a 10k race

2) Make my 10k goal distance (before the race I might add)

3) Run for a straight hour

What did you achieve this week? Any “non-scale” victories?


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