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Workwear: Black Suit and Peach Pastel

22 Apr

Last week, my organization, Generation Joshua (or GenJ as we call it), took pictures of all their staff. We decided we wanted individual shots of each person in three different outfits and some group shots. This was such a fun afternoon and made the Monday go by a lot better. I decided to try out my new peach pastel shirt for the occasion. It’s a stretch cotton peplum with a lace overlay near the top. Very easy to wear and fresh looking for Spring. I opted to tucked in the peplum for this look because I wanted to go more professional and polish for the pictures.

This shirt is for Kimmie because we are trying to wear more Spring pastels and move away from Winter colors. I’m not sure if I negated that with the dark black suit, but oh well. I love the necklace and the peach top together. 
IMG_6601IMG_9942 Blazer: Macy’s old — Pants: Target — Shirt: Target Online — Shoes: Kohl’s — Necklace: Made by Me — Belt: Thrifted



Easy DIY Necklace

12 Apr

As you can see I’ve been changing the layout a bit recently. Bear with me as I make Joodles Doodles look presentable. Let me know what you think! I love the idea of a clean white layout with just a few touches of natural colors here and there. I’d love feedback on my layout, appearance or content, either comment on this post or email me, joodlesdoodles@gmail.com!

I’ve been wanting to put this necklace together since Christmas and yesterday I finally found these tiny pewter beads that I’ve been looking for. I was inspired by A Beautiful Mess’s necklace DIY here and A Daily Something’s DIY here. So you could say it’s a mix of these two projects.

All you need is leather cord, wooden beads and pewter beads (found at Michael’s). And of course you can customize all this to your tastes. I’ll show you variations of this base model another day.

IMG_0007 IMG_1604 IMG_2298 IMG_3023 IMG_5184

I love how this looked and I’m sure you’ll see it in an outfit soon! What do you think? I love how natural it turned out with the unpainted beads and leather cord.