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Weekend Recap / 8

6 Jan

Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! It’s been a joyous season and I hope you’ve been able to have a few happy adventures as well. Thanks for giving me a little break on the blog. Bradley and I had a busy 2 weeks traveling to Indiana for Christmas and coming back just before the new year. We spent New Year’s Eve with Brooke and Levi, which was a ton of fun.

IMG_4840Thursday afternoon it started to snow and continued into the night.

IMG_4865 IMG_4904 IMG_4869 IMG_4866This is how I look when it snows. My husband can attest to the fact that when it snows I’m like a little girl who got all she ever wanted on Christmas morning.

IMG_4861Last night we watched the Colt’s game with one of Bradley’s friends. If you watched the game or heard about it, you know it was quite the emotional ride. I’m definitely a fan, but I’m not as much of a fan as these guys. 🙂

IMG_4919 IMG_4908Thank you Colts for pulling that win off. You made these two guys very happy!

What was your weekend like? Football, food or fitness?


Weekend Recap / 7

16 Dec

This weekend involved staying up late, good friends, and spending time around home with my husband. Friday morning at 12:00am, Bradley and I watched a midnight showing of The Hobbit part 2. He’s a huge Tolkien fan and I’ve definitely adopted a love for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit because of him. (Note: We did take naps before the movie, so this was one of the only midnight showings I’ve been able to stay awake through.)

Saturday I got to spend the day with Grace. Bestie and partner in Sharpie Therapy. I’m so glad she was able to come for the weekend! Wish we lived closer together but when we do get to see each other it’s magical (her word). 🙂

IMG_4591We met up with friends at Panera, had some great lunch, and Sharpie Therapied all afternoon. Spreading the love and the sharpies. Love these girls!


L to R: Abigail, Rachel, Tatum, Me, Grace

It started snowing so I began drawing. Nothing perfect but I had some fun with a chisel tipped sharpie.


Then on Sunday, Bradley and I headed to church and then spent the rest of the day fixing up the apartment, watching some football, and ordering family Christmas gifts. The picture below is today’s Sharpie Therapy picture. If you don’t follow us on Facebook, click through using that link and like us to see all our daily Sharpie Therapy art!IMG_4594

Weekend Recap / 6

9 Dec

This past weekend was amazing! It felt like Christmas, birthday and vacation all in one. This is mostly because of the snow that came down yesterday. You can ask Bradley, I was basically giddy all day. 🙂


And I was happy to have gotten these guys at Target right before Thanksgiving. So cute!IMG_2095

On Saturday, my friend Chelsea and I launched the facebook page for a new project we are working on called The Gathering Project. It’s a day long workshop in January where local artisans will be teaching guests about bringing warmth into winter through their individual skills: wreath making, table styling, lettering and typography and drink mixing. We are so excited!IMG_0025

I also started working on Christmas present for a few of my friends. However, since they are all reading this now, I can’t post any more pictures than these few below. 😉 I love making gifts for those special people in my life. Homemade presents are the best!IMG_0094 IMG_0446IMG_6060

As you can see, the Sharpie Therapy of the day also had to do with snow. 🙂 Such truth in this verse.
IMG_7224Did you have fun this weekend? Maybe making gifts or wishing you were enjoying the snow? I’d love to hear all about it.

Weekend Recap / 5

18 Nov

Bradley and I had the opportunity to host my mom after she returned from a trip to China. While she was there she had the opportunity to teach english at two different camps! Yea, mom’s a world traveller. Note: When your family travels, it’s awesome living next to a major/international airport. Even if I don’t get to go, I at least get to see them on the way in and out of the country. 🙂

Mom brought me back the most amazing gifts ever! You know how there are specialty Starbucks mugs in every city designed around what that part of the country is known for? Well, apparently they have them in China too! She hand delivered to me a China Starbucks mug!! Look at that Chinese dragon on the side. AMAZING! Knowing that I can’t get it anywhere makes it all the most valuable to me 🙂

IMG_6765 IMG_6769She also brought home a roll-up practice mat used for drawing Chinese characters. Usually the children use them when they practice writing their language at a young age. Complete with this amazing brush, I now I have a way to practice new brush fonts! The best part is that it uses no ink, only water, and the lettering disappears in minutes so it’s reusable!

IMG_6744IMG_6746IMG_6748IMG_6750IMG_6751IMG_6761Super cool mom. Thanks for the gifts!

Note: I have never used this many exclamation points in a post before.

Weekend Recap / 4

11 Nov

Yesterday, I completed an item off my bucket list. I ran a half marathon! And you know what, It wasn’t half bad. 🙂 After months of training and then taking two weeks off to prep for and work on a huge election, it was definitely not an easy run. But it was beautiful course and wonderful weather for the race.


They closed down the GW parkway for us to run on.
With thousands of participants, I guess they can do that. 🙂


We ran across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, hence the Woodrow Wilson Half Marathon.


That last leg of the race took us right down to the National Harbor. Beautiful!


This was the last half mile of the race. It was gorgeous! But, oh, I was hurting.

If you ever want a Half recommendation and live in the DC metro area, this is definitely one to check out. Bradley snapped some pictures of me at the very end of the race. I’m so happy he was there to cheer me on. 🙂

IMG_6600 IMG_6608 IMG_6609 IMG_6610 IMG_6612 IMG_6617 IMG_6620Next item on my Bucket List: MARATHON! After yesterday, I can’t wait to complete one!! What’s on your bucket list?

Weekend Recap / 3

28 Oct

Fall Festival (n): similar to a county fair but usually held in the Autumn season.

On Saturday, Bradley and I went to a corn maze. Or that’s what I thought. We arrived at the Temple Hall Farm Park and there were already at least 100 cars parked on the grassy lot! We had happened upon a full on Fall Festival, complete with games like corn hole, hillbilly horseshoes, duck races, and pumpkin carving, two large pillow shaped trampolines, punkin’ chunkin’ (in the back lot), live music (by middle school rock bands), and on top of it all the largest corn maize you ever did see!

We  started with the corn maze, but not before stocking up on fresh lemonade and kettle corn. Hey, I wanted to bring sustenance in case we got lost in that 10+ acre maze. Nothing wrong with bringing a snack sack.

IMG_2265It took us a while to find our way around. But we weren’t in a hurry so we took our time. Bradley had fortunately snapped a picture of the corn maze from over head and that helped us a great deal. They provided us with a look out area in the very middle of the maze. Not sure if it’s purpose was to help us find our way out, or show us how lost we were.IMG_0057 IMG_0264We found a fuzzy wuzzy on our way. Bradley and he became fast friends. IMG_3165IMG_3963

After a successful maze experience (yes, I’d call figuring that beast out in 1 hour a victory), we wandered around to see what else the festival had in store. In one area we found Corn Hole, Hillbilly Horseshoes (using toilet seats instead of typical horseshoes) and Duck Races. Oh, and tether ball. I used to rule at tether ball at camp. However, playing my husband puts me in my place. 🙂

Since it’s a Farm Park all year round, we got to visit the goats, ducks, geese, guinea fowl and cows. My sister would have been so proud. These goats basically had a bridge over the people path. IMG_8309IMG_0309

I think I look extra tiny in this huge Adirondack chair. But Bradley captures this skeptical Jill picture nonetheless.

Leaving for the day, we passed by this white fence and long colorful flags. Such a beautiful day for a Fall Festival. I’m glad I got to spend it with my Love.IMG_0364

Weekend Recap / 2

21 Oct

This past week, I only posted once on Monday night to show honor to a family who just lost their dad. If you have a chance please go back and read this post. It’s about how hard it is to grow up.

This past weekend, Bradley and I got to spend some special time together for our anniversary. We visited the National Aquarium in Baltimore. It’s one of our favorite places that we’ve been together. Plus, we love the Inner Harbor area and getting to walk around the boardwalk at night was a beautiful experience. There was even a wedding reception going on with a live jazz band, right on the water!

My favorite animal in the entire aquarium was the jelly fish. Did you know there is more than one kind? This one had the most amazing ruffles on it. So delicate!

IMG_0122There were many mirrors all over the place so I had to take some pictures during one of the escalator rides. (unbeknownst to Bradley, pictures are always being taken)aquarium

We watched an educational talk about dolphins. It was so much fun to see the dolphin’s rising and diving all around the tank.

IMG_0092After our time with the fishes (no we didn’t sleep with them), we ate at the Cheesecake Factory. Thanks to our parent’s generous gift card, we had an amazing dinner together.

I think my favorite place in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is the large Barnes and Noble in an old power plant. It’s probably grandest bookstore I’ve ever seen. When they filled it with books, they left all the old structures, original brick, and lofted shafts. Just look at these pictures:

IMG_2041 IMG_5873 IMG_6753 IMG_8648 IMG_9076 IMG_9297It’s pretty amazing and if you get the chance this is a must-see attraction. Thanks for tagging along for my great weekend. I hope you had a few bright spots in yours as well! What’d you do?

Weekend Recap / 1

7 Oct

Don’t forget to live in the day you are in. Some day, it’ll be gone and all you’ll have left is the memories.

Brooke turned my new age last week. Celebrated with wine, cheese, cake and buckets of laughter over our favorite games. I love that they like games as much as Bradley and I do. I’m convinced that laughter over catch phrase and charades brings people together. (Also, this is my favorite picture of us now. He’s so handsome!!)

ImageBradley played football under the stars and the big lights on Saturday. While it was a Student vs. Alumni game to round out our Alma Mater’s homecoming, it felt like a real stadium game and he still has the aching shoulder to prove it!

You’ll hear more about Sharpie Therapy this week. I promise. I’ll even explain what it is! For now though, this was yesterday’s doodle. I love this song and have been listening to a lot of Norah Jones lately. I aspire to try to capture the feeling of the song in the sway of the typography. 

ImageWhile I’ve been sick for the past week, I had a great weekend with my Love and our friends. Follow me on Instagram: JoodlesDoodles to keep up with all my weekend (and daily) adventures! Did you spend the weekend doing what you love with friends or family?

Weekend Recap: Canvas Painting

22 Apr

This past weekend, B went camping with friends. So to console myself, my gooood friend Grace came up and we got to have a girl’s weekend! It was awesome! We ate skittles and deep dark chocolate chips, painted canvas wall decor for her new work place and watched Star Wars.

We are both big fans of working with canvas. I’m always looking for an excuse to make something with them, but the walls of our apartment are filling up fast! So it was nice that she had a creative project for us to work on for her new office. She’s a new Field Director for American’s For Prosperity and has a phone bank and office to decorate. What fun!

She decided that canvases were an easy and inexpensive way to fill large white walls. She had enough small, 6×6 canvases to spell out “Prosperity” so we got to work. Starting with drawing lettering, first with pencil and then with sharpies.



Then we started painting the negative space on each letter’s canvas.



This is what my kitchen table looked like as we worked. Full of art supplies, creativity and inspiration.


Next, I painted just a little around the edges of the letter because we also wanted to work in the color yellow.


Then we used yellow to paint from the edges inward, painting almost up to but not quite touching the black.


Then we used black paint again and painted outward,  feathering the paint over the yellow for this cool effect.IMG_4521

I think it looks completely sharp and artsy.IMG_1610IMG_7299IMG_7221What do you think? I love how it turned out and I think people of all ages will respond to the style and decor of Grace’s new place of work.


Weekend Recap: Dancing and Brunch

17 Apr

B and I love brunch. Some of our favorite people to have it with are the Kauffmans. I’ve talked about Brooke and Levi before. They’re good people. Good people who love brunch like we do! We get together ever month or so on  Saturday and make brunch together. It’s a great time of food and laughter.

Our menu last Saturday consisted of:

  • Southwest scrambled eggs with peppers and onions
  • Sausage and Bacon
  • Buttermilk pancakes with wild berry sauce
  • Fruit salad
  • Orange juice and coffee

This is what the kitchen looked like as I prepped for brunch. I love cooking and late Saturday brunch making is my favorite. Look at the bright light coming through the window! Morning is the only time we get natural light in that part of the house so I like to relish it.


Here are some pictures of the table. Semi-pretty or at least simple and clean! (sometimes it’s the small things)IMG_3765 IMG_6105IMG_1753

Brooke’s so pretty 😀IMG_5035

Here’s my plate, full of delicious food!

IMG_1488And after. I cleared it in about 5 minutes…I’m a food…fanatic?? Yes, I’m definitely a fan of food.

IMG_3981Afterwards we played some games and tried out Dance Central on Kinect! I’m a big fan and have used it to workout for a while but B and I were excited to bring Levi and Brooke in on the action. I don’t have any pictures of me, but here’s Brooke!

dancing1She said she was sore the next day. I guess it is a good workout!

I also got to wear my new DIY necklace from the other day’s tutorial. I love it!

IMG_3932I would ask you how your weekend was but it’s already Wednesday! How’s your week going?