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Casual Day / Green Jeans and Black Boots

19 Dec

Today, I’m enjoying the last day of work before a long Christmas holiday! These last few days have been casual around GenJ so I had an excuse to wear these comfortable green jeans to work. Paired with black suede boots and a cozy sweater, these cold days have nothing on this new go to outfit. IMG_6982 IMG_6998 IMG_7043Sweater: Old Navy — Pants: Target (similar) — Boots: Target (similar) — Necklace: Old Navy (similar: here and here)


Workwear: Mint Blouse and Red Sweater

12 Dec

Jumping on the mint trend that has been roaming our closets for years now, I’m presenting this outfit full of color and class. Or at least I hope.

I love how everything worked together and the beige flats provide the perfect classic finishing to the outfit. I didn’t want to add a necklace because the red/mint top combo and the black/brown pants combo seemed interesting enough. Enjoy!afterlight (4) afterlight (3) afterlight (2)Blouse: Old Navy — Sweater: Old Navy — Pants: Old Navy — Belt: Target — Flats: Target

Your Style / Mixing Prints

5 Dec

Two weeks ago I asked my readers to send in their mixing prints styled outfits. I was featuring my own outfit where I paired a polka dot shirt with a striped sweater and wondered what you guys could come up with! My sister-in-law Heather put together quite the incredible mixed prints outfit using the color blue.

Remember how I mentioned, when you’re mixing prints in an outfit, it helps to have a base color? Heather’s base color was blue. Each piece she is wearing has that color in it, which helps tie the whole outfit together!

Thanks for sending in your pictures Heather! It’s an honor to feature you on my blog today. 🙂

photo (15) photo (16) photo (14) After seeing this feature and my original post, if you would like to be added to this blog reader showcase of mixed prints in an outfit, send your pictures my way! Just email me: joodlesdoodles@gmail.com.

Workwear: Polka Dot Button-up and Yellow Sweater

21 Nov

I love mixing stripes and polka dots, prints and graphics, and plaids and florals (ok the last one might be a stretch for me). In this outfit, these prints go together perfectly for a couple of reasons. Let me explain why:

1) Same color scheme. When mixing prints, try to stay in the same color vicinity. If you’re wearing a bright color like yellow, it might not be favorable to also throw on a loud red or fuchsia. Stick with one vibrant color and then mesh everything with it. Here, yellow and black/grey/white take main stage. 
2) Large-scale/small-scale. Try and wear one print that is small than the other one. Two large-scale prints don’t work well. If the polka dots were just as graphically loud as the bold stripes, they would be competing with and not complimenting each other. 

IMG_3603I’d love to see what you come up with when you mix prints! Send your pictures to joodlesdoodles@gmail.com and I’ll feature you in an upcoming style post!

IMG_3604Shirt: Loft (similar) – Sweater: Marshall’s (similar here and here) – Pants: Target – Belt: Target (similar) – Flats: Target


Workwear: Plum dress and Tan Blazer

23 Oct

This tan wool blazer is a new addition to my wardrobe. It got it for a steal at Target a month ago and have worn it at least 10 times already. It’s great for work and dressing up jeans on the weekend.

IMG_1013 IMG_5408 IMG_7866

Dress: Target (similar) — Blazer: Target — Infinity Scarf: Gift (similar) — Belt: Target — Flats: Target

Event Planning / Summer Gala

2 May

So I’m going to plan a party. Well, it’s not a party as much as it’s a Gala. And by Gala, I mean fundraising event for students. Let me start over. As I’ve mentioned before, I work for an organization called Generation Joshua (GenJ). We teach high school students government and civics education.

Each summer we hold three week-long camps. The students are immersed in a congressional scenario where the play senators and representatives and even have the opportunity to run for president! It’s pretty fun to teach them the basics of how government works and watch them put those principles to use.

During the week, we hold a large fundraising event where the “Congressmen” lobby companies and organizations and ask them to contribute to their “re-election campaigns”. (P.S. We have our own currency here at GenJ) This event is one of the highlights of the week. The students dress up in formal attire and lobby large organizations for money all while in a fabulously decorated setting with delectable food!

That’s where I come in. I’m the main event planner for this event at all three camps. At the beginning of the year, months and months before the summer has arrived, we sit down and discuss what kind of theme we are looking into, decorations to further that theme and food in that same vein for the event. I have to say this is one of the most fun times of the year for me. I love event planning and getting to do it as part of my job, woohoo!

Every week through the end of June, you’ll be able to follow my Gala planning, prepping, and throwing plans. I’m taking lots of pictures so you won’t miss a thing! You’ll be able to see my decorations, Pinterest board, brainstorming style and execution when the day finally arrives! I’m so excited to share all of this with you. Until next week, I’ll leave you with a picture of our theme! 😉


Any theme guesses?

Workwear: Red Pants and a Grey Linen Shirt

26 Apr

These pants and this outfit make me feel like rockin’ out! As you can see in the pictures below. 🙂 Smile if you will, dance if you want and feel happy that it’s Friday! What kind of outfit or article of clothing makes you feel like dancing?
IMG_7772 IMG_7867 IMG_5226Pants Target — Shoes: Target — Shirt: Old Navy — Cardi: Gap — Necklace: Target


Casual day: Tan and Black Scarf and Maroon V-Neck

12 Apr

It hasn’t rained in at least a month and then today it’s down pouring. Thundering, lightening, the whole bit. Really, it’s cool with me, if I can stay in bed and just listen to it all day. But today’s Friday, and we have some fun plans for this weekend, which you will hear all about on Monday! Enjoy this rainy day casual look for now. I love the maroon colored shirt with the scarf, jeans and boots. One of my favorite outfit combinations!



Shirt: Target ($9) — Cardi: Target old — Pants: Target ($20) — Boots: Famous Footwear gift — Scarf: Gift

Workwear: Checkered shirt and navy cardigan

3 Apr

This is my favorite type of work look: colorful button-up, cozy cardigan, dress pants and flats. I love how it looks. This shirt was a favorite addition to my closet last summer. It completely makes the outfit.

IMG_1581 IMG_2321 IMG_4112 IMG_8218

Shirt: Target ($15) — Sweater: Tommy Hilfiger ($20) — Pants: Target ($20) — Flats: Target ($9) — Necklace: Target ($2) — Belt: Kohl’s gift

Weekend wear: Easter outfit

2 Apr

This is the outfit that I wore to our Easter service at church. Typically, Easter Sunday is when you (or I) wear your prettiest, springiest dresses and clean white cardigans. However, this past Sunday was wet, cold and rainy. Ick. This outfit was created before I knew the weather and in my attempt to salvage the look I threw on a scarf and boots.

IMG_5460 IMG_6878 IMG_8499Dress: Old Navy ($12) — Cardigan: Old Navy gift — Scarf: gift — Belt: Target ($5) — Boots: Famous Footwear gift