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The Gathering Project

8 Jan

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Today, I’m really excited to share with you a cool project I’ve been working on for the past few months! One of my friends, Chelsea Rose Moore, and I have started a creative workshop that’s debuting on January 25th. It’s a one-day retreat in DC with four sessions hosted by local artisans from the Northern Virginia area. tgpMLT2

Do you like working with your hands? Making your home beautiful? Entertaining and organizing pretty events? I think you might just like the Gathering Project. We have four amazing workshop hosts who will be teaching you about their favorite things and then help you make them! Bonus: You’ll get to take home something you make from each workshop!

During the event, you will learn to style a winter table with Rebecca Gallop of A Daily Something, make seasonal drinks with Rebekah Pizana, craft a winter wreath with Amy Showalter, and paint signage art and lettering with Erik LandstromJanHost5

We really want you to come to our first event. We are also providing breakfast and lunch during the day! From 8-4:30pm, you’ll be hanging out in an awesome DC loft (The Loft at 600 F), which is super chic and artsy. We also have a ton of amazing sponsors including (but not limited to)  Eric Nielsen of Mahogany Print Productions, LoCo Joe’s Coffee, ScrapCutsLily and Val, Knead and Know, June JarsKaufmann Mercantile, and Birch Fields Photography.

Some of these sponsors have even offered amazing things for us to give away so you won’t want to miss that!

Hey look, it’s me and Chelsea! 


To sign up, click here and enter the promo code: friends for a 50% discount. I would love to meet you there, so get your tickets today!
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Workwear: Polka Dot Button-up and Yellow Sweater

21 Nov

I love mixing stripes and polka dots, prints and graphics, and plaids and florals (ok the last one might be a stretch for me). In this outfit, these prints go together perfectly for a couple of reasons. Let me explain why:

1) Same color scheme. When mixing prints, try to stay in the same color vicinity. If you’re wearing a bright color like yellow, it might not be favorable to also throw on a loud red or fuchsia. Stick with one vibrant color and then mesh everything with it. Here, yellow and black/grey/white take main stage. 
2) Large-scale/small-scale. Try and wear one print that is small than the other one. Two large-scale prints don’t work well. If the polka dots were just as graphically loud as the bold stripes, they would be competing with and not complimenting each other. 

IMG_3603I’d love to see what you come up with when you mix prints! Send your pictures to joodlesdoodles@gmail.com and I’ll feature you in an upcoming style post!

IMG_3604Shirt: Loft (similar) – Sweater: Marshall’s (similar here and here) – Pants: Target – Belt: Target (similar) – Flats: Target


Workwear: Long White Cardi and Mustard Belt

25 Apr

Today is another edition of: Attack of the Clothes! (aka outfits that don’t work for me) However in saying this, I realize that sometimes clothes have too much power. Now their power comes from us so it’s really that we rely to heavily on the items we wear. I have no problem relying on their strength. I actually quite like that my shirt yesterday had great seaming and my pants today did not spontaneously fall off. I am talking about their power over your mood, over your happiness and over your confidence.

Yes, clothing has the ability to give you all those things (a good mood, happiness and confidence) but it can take it away as well, if we let it. Let your clothes know who is boss! Rise up, seize them by their itchy annoying tags, and shout, “I am your owner. Fear and Respect me!” And if they don’t cooperate, ehh they are just cardigans and corduroys in your drawers and you can leave them anytime you want.

Basically, clothing isn’t everything. Don’t become a slave to them. Yes, I have fun putting together outfits every morning, but I won’t let it become an idol. I don’t let them have that kind of power over me and you shouldn’t either.

What inspired all of these thoughts was looking at this outfit and thinking, “Man, I have hips.” This sweater doesn’t work for me and it may be time for me to realize that and give it up. I’ve had it for years and every time I wear it I feel uncomfortable about the way it makes me look. Pockets on my hips (when you have hips) can add interest or it can look awkward and bulky. Either way this outfit was comfortable and I made it through the day. But, it may be the last time this sweater makes an appearance.

IMG_0304 IMG_3374Dress: Loft — Sweater: Eddie Bauer — Necklace: Target — Belt: Kohl’s — Shoes: Target