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The Gathering Project

8 Jan

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Today, I’m really excited to share with you a cool project I’ve been working on for the past few months! One of my friends, Chelsea Rose Moore, and I have started a creative workshop that’s debuting on January 25th. It’s a one-day retreat in DC with four sessions hosted by local artisans from the Northern Virginia area. tgpMLT2

Do you like working with your hands? Making your home beautiful? Entertaining and organizing pretty events? I think you might just like the Gathering Project. We have four amazing workshop hosts who will be teaching you about their favorite things and then help you make them! Bonus: You’ll get to take home something you make from each workshop!

During the event, you will learn to style a winter table with Rebecca Gallop of A Daily Something, make seasonal drinks with Rebekah Pizana, craft a winter wreath with Amy Showalter, and paint signage art and lettering with Erik LandstromJanHost5

We really want you to come to our first event. We are also providing breakfast and lunch during the day! From 8-4:30pm, you’ll be hanging out in an awesome DC loft (The Loft at 600 F), which is super chic and artsy. We also have a ton of amazing sponsors including (but not limited to)  Eric Nielsen of Mahogany Print Productions, LoCo Joe’s Coffee, ScrapCutsLily and Val, Knead and Know, June JarsKaufmann Mercantile, and Birch Fields Photography.

Some of these sponsors have even offered amazing things for us to give away so you won’t want to miss that!

Hey look, it’s me and Chelsea! 


To sign up, click here and enter the promo code: friends for a 50% discount. I would love to meet you there, so get your tickets today!
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Sharpie Therapy / 5

17 Dec


So many worship songs have such amazing lyrics. I can’t help but write them down. Today, I’m taking Sharpie Therapy to a new level and trying out some new fonts! What do you think? I’d love to see some of your favorite worship songs in sharpie art. Send them to joodlesdoodles@gmail.com and I’ll share them here in an upcoming Sharpie Therapy column. 🙂afterlight (1) afterlight (2) afterlight

Sharpie Therapy / Friendship

10 Dec

I was planning on showing you guys some more of my Sharpie Therapy Christmas stuff but that will have to wait until next week. I have been thinking about my friendships this week and happened about a few great quotes.

This first one makes me think of a few friends I have that I can be real with. You know what I mean because you thought of a specific friend or two when you read the quote below. A friend who you can share your heart with but also be a little silly with and, yes, maybe even act stupidly along side sometime.  Go send a text to that friend and thank them for allowing you to be yourself. Bets are you are already talking to them. 🙂afterlight (1)

This next quote is something I’ve had to remember. I’m not one that makes friends easily. It’s actually something I’ve had to learn. I have never had many friends. Part of that is because I’m an INFJ and we prefer to have a few super close friends than thousands of surface-y friendships. However, I’ve learned that the #1 way to make friends is to reach out and take the first step toward friendship. Whether that is a call for coffee or a friendly FB post, reach out to a new friend!IMG_6097Now this quote is all about the loyal friends in your life. Loyalty is big for me and something that makes it on the top 3 list of friend qualities I hold most dear. These are people who never leave your side even when the times are tough. These are the Best friends. Call your best friend up tonight and let them know how much you appreciate them. Then show them the same loyalty in return.
afterlightWhat are some of your favorite quote on friendship?

Sharpie Therapy / 2

31 Oct

This week’s Sharpie Therapy depicts some of my favorite love songs. I’ve been using some amazing pastel sharpies that Grace (the other half of Sharpie Therapy) gave me for my birthday. Enjoy the pictures below and if you want, head over to the our facebook page and check out some more of our work!



Sharpie Therapy / 1

22 Oct

Today I’m starting a new segment on the blog. It’ll be here weekly and it’s called Sharpie Therapy.

sharpietherapy1What is Sharpie Therapy? It’s a way to write out your thoughts and feelings, taking time to process them. It’s about physically writing out God’s truth, a good quote or song lyrics and bringing those words to life. It’s a great way to look back and see what God has taught you. It’s a way to figure out how you’re feeling and come to a place of peace. It’s a visual representation of a thought process.

Sharpie Therapy started about a year ago. I’ve always loved drawing with sharpies as you can see here, logos and lettering are my thing. I love the precision and the vibrancy. However, recently I’ve used this love to express feelings and thoughts by writing them out. Distinct letters, different fonts and bold thoughts. Here are a few pieces I worked on.  (black cardstock with silver Sharpie)

(Better Together by Jack Johnson)


(potential Christmas card)


(an amazing Psalm)

(Psalm with emphasis)

Next week I’ll show you another project I’ve been working on, larger scale black sharpie on white paper. It’s more abstract and relies more on my own free-flowing thoughts as opposed to another person’s words.

For now though, if you’d like to make one of these your own, contact me at joodlesdoodles@gmail.com and I’ll mail it to you! In addition, if there is a verse or a quote you’d like to see up here in the future or you’d like to make your own, email me and I’ll bring it in to production.

Thanks for tagging along on this new series!


2 Apr

Last Friday I doodled around on our large drafting table. I love drawing different types of lettering, playing with their thickness and precision.

This song below is one that was stuck in my head all day. It is from Cornerstone by Hillsong. I’ve been playing with cursive lately and this font was created using a regular medium tip black sharpie and keeping my wrist stiff and off the paper as I formed the lettering.
These two below are from a phrase I’d love to hang on a wall in our apartment. While in its essence, it doesn’t just apply to the apartment, it’s a nice reminder (and a potential iPhone wallpaper). I love this one because the lettering is all rigid and I’ve added red for interest.


And this one because of the tilt and the heart. I can’t decide which one I want to hang up!
Help me decide!