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Workwear: Pink Blouse and Brown Cardi

29 Apr

Don’t always feel like you have to tuck in your shirts for work. Sometimes it looks nice to leave them out, especially if they fall right at your hip. 
IMG_2431IMG_9696Blouse: H&M — Sweater: Tommy Hilfiger — Pants: Gap — Flats: Target — Necklace: Me


Workwear: Red Pants and a Grey Linen Shirt

26 Apr

These pants and this outfit make me feel like rockin’ out! As you can see in the pictures below. 🙂 Smile if you will, dance if you want and feel happy that it’s Friday! What kind of outfit or article of clothing makes you feel like dancing?
IMG_7772 IMG_7867 IMG_5226Pants Target — Shoes: Target — Shirt: Old Navy — Cardi: Gap — Necklace: Target


Workwear: Green Ruffle Tank and Grey Sweater

23 Apr

Have you ever tried to mix green and grey? It’s a pretty cool and fresh combo. Lately I haven’t felt like getting really dressed up for work. Sometimes, I just feel like I’m making it by with the things I wear. It makes me laugh. But who says you can’t still look good and professional when combining easy to wear pieces with fun colors! 🙂
IMG_3929 IMG_4886Khakis: Target — Green Tank: Gap — Flats: Gap — Sweater: JCrew — Necklace: Target


Workwear: Mulberry Sweater and Bird Blouse

16 Apr

This was one of those outfits I just couldn’t make work. I was changing out sweaters, pants and shoes looking for the right combo. Remember that outfits don’t always have to be matchy-matchy and that this green and pink blouse can be paired with a mulberry sweater. I also changed the length of the blouse by tucking it in to my black pants making it look more professional.



Blouse: Old Navy ($11) — Sweater: Target ($18) — Pants: Target ($20) — Belt: Thrifted — Flats: Gap ($16)

Workwear: Plum shirt and leopard print belt

18 Mar

Something I’ve noticed about H&M shirts is that they aren’t made for petite women. I picked out this shirt for my birthday there last year and it and the others I bought ended up being extra roomy in the shoulders. It’s not that the shirt is too long for me, but the area around my arms and shoulders is way too big even though it fits everywhere else. This leads me top believe that their tops are made for much taller, stretched out women (Read: European figures). On the other hand, the pants, skirts and dresses fit me well.

All this to say, you will find that some articles of clothing will fit you and some will not at the same store. You may be able to buy pants at Old Navy but their sweaters don’t fit. Or the shirts at Target fit you but their pants never do. Don’t settle on something just because it’s conveniently located or inexpensive. If it doesn’t fit, either have a plan to alter it, or don’t buy it. 
IMG_5950IMG_8553Shirt: H&M gift — Skirt: Gap ($5) — Belt: Target ($10) — Heels: Kohl’s ($18) — Necklace: Target ($2)

Workwear: Floral top and turquoise necklace

11 Mar

Back from vacation and completely ready for spring! Floral, white cardi and khakis 🙂 Warm weather come quickly?

This floral shirt is my favorite buy of the new year. It works with so many colors, styles and temperatures. IMG_6366 IMG_1349 IMG_2151 IMG_5573Shirt: Target ($14) — Cardi: JCrew gift — Necklace: Anniversary gift — Khakis: Target ($20) — Flats: Gap ($16)

Workwear: Green ruffle tank and plum sweater

1 Mar

Paired with the black and dark purple cardi, this green tank and coral necklace breath new life into what could be a drab outfit. Don’t underestimate the power of a bright cami or statement necklace. They will cheer your day up.

IMG_9521 IMG_2926 IMG_9103 IMG_9235Tank: Gap ($12) — Sweater: Target ($18) — Skirt: Gap ($5) — Flats: Target ($7) — Belt: Thrifted — Necklace: Crafted by me

Workwear: Pink eyelet and grey cardi

28 Feb

I’m feeling like spring and strawberry colored shirts are in! This eyelet sleeveless shirt from Old Navy worked perfectly in the 50 degree winter weather we’ve been having.

IMG_3273Shirt: Old Navy ($10) — Striped khakis: Gap ($15) — Cardigan: JCrew gift — Belt: Target ($10) — Flats: Target ($9)

Workwear: Linen shirt and pearls

25 Feb

Tip: Try pairing something masculine with something feminine for a change of pace.

This button-up linen shirt (masculine-esque) works well paired with the pearls (feminine-esque) as something new and unexpected (at least for me).

IMG_4106 IMG_5192 IMG_6624Shirt: Old Navy ($10) — Pearls: Kohl’s gift — Skirt: Target ($15) — Flats: Gap ($16)

What articles of clothing or accessories would you pair together for an unexpected look?