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Weekend Recap / 6

9 Dec

This past weekend was amazing! It felt like Christmas, birthday and vacation all in one. This is mostly because of the snow that came down yesterday. You can ask Bradley, I was basically giddy all day. ūüôā


And I was happy to have gotten these guys at Target right before Thanksgiving. So cute!IMG_2095

On Saturday, my friend Chelsea and I launched the facebook page for a new project we are working on called The Gathering Project. It’s a day long workshop in January where local artisans will be teaching guests about bringing warmth into winter through their individual skills: wreath making, table styling, lettering and typography and drink mixing. We are so excited!IMG_0025

I also started working on Christmas present for a few of my friends. However, since they are all reading this now, I can’t post any more pictures than these few below. ūüėČ I love making gifts for those special people in my life. Homemade presents are the best!IMG_0094 IMG_0446IMG_6060

As you can see, the Sharpie Therapy of the day also had to do with snow. ūüôā Such truth in this verse.
IMG_7224Did you have fun this weekend? Maybe making gifts or wishing you were enjoying the snow? I’d love to hear all about it.


Event Planning / Gala Planning 2

9 May

So I’m planning a large Gala event for summer camp. You can catch up by reading last week’s post where I introduced the organization I work for and the purpose of this Gala. Let me talk a little about how we started planning.

In the beginning stages, every party needs a theme. Themes are important to throwing a party. There has to be a central idea or inspiration behind your food and decorations. You can base an entire event around a picture and a flower or an article of clothing and a piece of produce. Last year, our Gala was set in Tanzania. Yup, the Tanzania in Africa. Trying to capture the feeling of that country, we used a lot of natural products like wooden bowls, dried grasses and burlap runners for decoration. Then, needing to introduce earthy colors, we incorporated bright red, orange, and yellow pops of color in our drinks and flowers.

This year the theme is: Fiesta! I’m touching on aspects of Cinco De Mayo, outdoor fiesta themed weddings, and natural, organic gatherings to encompass this concept. This theme allows me to use many bright colors found in nature such as reds, oranges, yellows and greens, tons of succulence and plant life, and delicious fiesta food! I can’t give it all away, but I’ll leave you with a few more inspiration pictures.

6e5ea68a1f82e363798d0dca11aaa158 8696ae993628f11f632c38ffcdea4126 ad9dfbc6f0b6ea0e8f02d22423f4375a

Next week, you’ll see my first tutorial on making lovely things out of lowly tissue paper! What do you think? I’m so excited about this theme and the decorations to come. Stay tuned!

Weekend Recap: Canvas Painting

22 Apr

This past weekend, B went camping with friends. So to console myself, my gooood friend Grace came up and we got to have a girl’s weekend! It was awesome! We ate skittles and deep dark chocolate chips, painted canvas wall decor for her new work place and watched Star Wars.

We are both big fans of working with canvas. I’m always looking for an excuse to make something with them, but the walls of our apartment are filling up fast! So it was nice that she had a creative project for us to work on for her new office. She’s a new Field Director for American’s For Prosperity and has a phone bank and office to decorate. What fun!

She decided that canvases were an easy and inexpensive way to fill large white walls. She had enough small, 6×6 canvases to spell out “Prosperity” so we got to work. Starting with drawing lettering, first with pencil and then with sharpies.



Then we started painting the negative space on each letter’s canvas.



This is what my kitchen table looked like as we worked. Full of art supplies, creativity and inspiration.


Next, I painted just a little around the edges of the letter because we also wanted to work in the color yellow.


Then we used yellow to paint from the edges inward, painting almost up to but not quite touching the black.


Then we used black paint again and painted outward,  feathering the paint over the yellow for this cool effect.IMG_4521

I think it looks completely sharp and artsy.IMG_1610IMG_7299IMG_7221What do you think? I love how it turned out and I think people of all ages will respond to the style and decor of Grace’s new place of work.


Workwear: Black Suit and Peach Pastel

22 Apr

Last week, my organization, Generation Joshua (or GenJ as we call it), took pictures of all their staff. We decided we wanted individual shots of each person in three different outfits and some group shots. This was such a fun afternoon and made the Monday go by a lot better. I decided to try out my new peach pastel shirt for the occasion. It’s a stretch cotton peplum with a lace overlay near the top. Very easy to wear and fresh looking for Spring. I opted to tucked in the peplum for this look because I wanted to go more professional and polish for the pictures.

This shirt is for Kimmie¬†because we are trying to wear more Spring pastels and move away from Winter colors. I’m not sure if I negated that with the dark black suit, but oh well. I love the necklace and the peach top together.¬†
IMG_6601IMG_9942 Blazer: Macy’s old — Pants: Target — Shirt: Target Online — Shoes: Kohl’s¬†— Necklace: Made by Me¬†— Belt: Thrifted


Weekend Recap: Dancing and Brunch

17 Apr

B and I love brunch. Some of our favorite people to have it with are the Kauffmans. I’ve talked about Brooke and Levi before. They’re good people. Good people who love brunch like we do! We get together ever month or so on ¬†Saturday and make brunch together. It’s a great time of food and laughter.

Our menu last Saturday consisted of:

  • Southwest scrambled eggs with peppers and onions
  • Sausage and Bacon
  • Buttermilk pancakes with wild berry sauce
  • Fruit salad
  • Orange juice and coffee

This is what the kitchen looked like as I prepped for brunch. I love cooking and late Saturday brunch making is my favorite. Look at the bright light coming through the window! Morning is the only time we get natural light in that part of the house so I like to relish it.


Here are some pictures of the table. Semi-pretty or at least simple and clean! (sometimes it’s the small things)IMG_3765 IMG_6105IMG_1753

Brooke’s so pretty ūüėÄIMG_5035

Here’s my plate, full of delicious food!

IMG_1488And after. I cleared it in about 5 minutes…I’m a food…fanatic?? Yes, I’m definitely a fan of food.

IMG_3981Afterwards we played some games and tried out Dance Central on Kinect! I’m a big fan and have used it to workout for a while but B and I were excited to bring Levi and Brooke in on the action. I don’t have any pictures of me, but here’s Brooke!

dancing1She said she was sore the next day. I guess it is a good workout!

I also got to wear my new DIY necklace from the other day’s tutorial. I love it!

IMG_3932I would ask you how your weekend was but it’s already Wednesday! How’s your week going?






Easy DIY Necklace

12 Apr

As you can see I’ve been changing the layout a bit recently. Bear with me as I make Joodles Doodles look presentable. Let me know what you think! I love the idea of a clean white layout with just a few touches of natural colors here and there. I’d love feedback on my layout, appearance or content, either comment on this post or email me, joodlesdoodles@gmail.com!

I’ve been wanting to put this necklace together since Christmas and yesterday I finally found these tiny pewter beads that I’ve been looking for. I was inspired by A Beautiful Mess’s necklace DIY here¬†and A Daily Something’s DIY here. So you could say it’s a mix of these two projects.

All you need is leather cord, wooden beads and pewter beads (found at Michael’s). And of course you can customize all this to your tastes. I’ll show you variations of this base model another day.

IMG_0007 IMG_1604 IMG_2298 IMG_3023 IMG_5184

I love how this looked and I’m sure you’ll see it in an outfit soon! What do you think? I love how natural it turned out with the unpainted beads and leather cord.

New Office: Wall Decor

22 Mar

This is the last edition in my New Office series. Here I showed you my desk, and here is my sitting area. Today, we move on to how I’ve decorated the walls.

I used mirrors in two different places because it makes my tiny office appear larger than life. Also, I hate¬†fluorescent¬†lighting so of course the over heads are always off and I used 4 different table lamps. Also you’ll see the card stock window decor¬†on the back wall from the other day.

The two canvas pieces really make the walls come alive and bring the outdoors indoors. One is of B and me on our wedding day and the other one depicts a birch bark tree.IMG_5963


Shout out to Shannon Brown for making it in this post as her blog is on my screen! ūüôā

IMG_7085 IMG_9758What do you think of the finished office decor? I love the way it turned out and look forward to coming to work every day because I have such a nice environment here.

Art for a Cause

21 Mar

This past week, I was talking to one my friends and fellow blogger, Rachel. She’s a dear friend and we’ve had gotten to know each other through different political¬†endeavors¬†and my job at Generation Joshua. She’s not just interested in politics, but she’s also creative, innovative and she’s going to Romania in two weeks on a missions trip!

To this end, she’s hosting a coffee shop to¬†fund raise¬†a little before April 5th. I offered to make some things to help her decorate, or perhaps even sell to benefit her at the coffee shop tomorrow night. I wish I could be there to support her but since I can’t, I’m helping in this way.

You may have seen some of the things I made over Instagram (joodlesdoodles) or on Facebook. But here are some additional photos of what I’ve been working on to support her trip to Romania.

The first piece was a take off of something I found on the¬†almighty¬†Google. It’s a cute depiction of various coffees. The faces on each cup are so cute!


The next one shows the make up of all sorts of coffee drinks. Like a cheat sheet for a barista. And since she’s holding a coffeehouse, I thought it would be perfect. I made a stencil for the cup outlines so they would each come out the same size and shape.


IMG_1730IMG_6778The last one I did on canvas. I had one lying around from an old project, so I reused it here for a cause! First, I printed the words on card stock and cut them out. Then, I attached sticky tape to the back and placed them on the canvas. Next, I found some spray paint from another project and took it all outside to cover the canvas in paint. After it dried, I peeled the letters off. Cafe En Romania is the name of her coffee shop tomorrow night!


IMG_1827What do you think? Make sure you go over and check out Rachel’s blog. She’s a creative genius and excellent writer! ūüôā

Card Stock Window Wall Decor

20 Mar

Here’s a really simple wall decor idea that you can do in a night. The only supplies you need are cardstock,¬†scissors, and thumb tacks.

1) Cut the card stock in one inch strips. 4 strips per window. (16 total in my project) I used two different colors for contrast.



2) Divide the strips into piles of four.

IMG_16343) Each strip will need a half-inch cut, 1 inch in from the end. Two cuts on each strip total. One at either end.


4) Slide the strips together, connecting them in a square. Do this with all 16 strips to create 4 boxes.


IMG_79385) Now overlay one color box over an opposing color (about 2 inches in from the corner connecting point) and make another 1/2 inch cut so they slide together.


IMG_23336) You will end up with two pieces.  When you hang it on the wall it looks like this!

IMG_6949Later this week you will get to see what it looks like on my office wall!


Last weekend

17 Jan

Last weekend I did some great stuff. A little bit of everything which included making tasty Italian fries, writing Christmas thank you notes, watching West Wing, making some graphic wall art for the bedroom, and going to a Mary Kay party with friends.







Sweater: Husband outgrew it — Scarf: Christmas gift — Leggings: Target ($10) — Boots: Famous Footwear ($39) — Necklace: Gift from Thailand