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Sharpie Therapy / 6

7 Jan


In case you’ve missed past weeks of Sharpie Therapy and don’t know what I’m talking about, check out my introductory post here! This week I’ve drawn out some of my  favorite J.R.R. Tolkien quotes. His birthday was last week and he has sure said some incredible things! Which of his quotes are your favorite?




Weekend Recap / 1

7 Oct

Don’t forget to live in the day you are in. Some day, it’ll be gone and all you’ll have left is the memories.

Brooke turned my new age last week. Celebrated with wine, cheese, cake and buckets of laughter over our favorite games. I love that they like games as much as Bradley and I do. I’m convinced that laughter over catch phrase and charades brings people together. (Also, this is my favorite picture of us now. He’s so handsome!!)

ImageBradley played football under the stars and the big lights on Saturday. While it was a Student vs. Alumni game to round out our Alma Mater’s homecoming, it felt like a real stadium game and he still has the aching shoulder to prove it!

You’ll hear more about Sharpie Therapy this week. I promise. I’ll even explain what it is! For now though, this was yesterday’s doodle. I love this song and have been listening to a lot of Norah Jones lately. I aspire to try to capture the feeling of the song in the sway of the typography. 

ImageWhile I’ve been sick for the past week, I had a great weekend with my Love and our friends. Follow me on Instagram: JoodlesDoodles to keep up with all my weekend (and daily) adventures! Did you spend the weekend doing what you love with friends or family?

Vacation Recap pt. 4

14 Mar

Last week, me, B and the family traveled to Turks and Caicos for a week-long family reunion. You can catch up on part 1, part 2, and part 3 here.

Between the end of February and the end of March, our family has two birthdays, my brother’s and my husband’s. Thus, while we were on vacation, mom decided to throw them a joint birthday party. Seeing as they both love the Yankees and burgers on the grill it was an easy collaboration.

Mom gathered and brought a boat load of Yankee decorations and party favors, ranging from napkins, plates and balloons to cake toppers, pencils and birthday pins. We sent the boys away while we decorated.

tandc16I look a little fried and frizzy after a day in the sun.

IMG_4267Along with gourmet burgers from the brother-in-law, we served veggies and cheesecake for dessert! Here’s B with his favorite dessert and new shirt! (aren’t those candles cute?)



My brother also got his own cheesecake with sour cream topping!

IMG_3748I made a fruit sauce from blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. It was so delicious! All you have to do it cut the fruit, put them in a sauce pan, add a little sugar (optional) and wait for it to bubble!

IMG_6501It was a great time of food, fun, and family. We got a little silly and snuggly after the sugar and coffee kicked in.

tandc18The little niece even tried on other people’s clothing! Papa’s hat:

IMG_0048Uncle B’s flip-flops:

IMG_5897And, oh I guess that’s her finger. She must have put it in something tasty.

IMG_3413How do you celebrate birthdays with family? Do they turn into a caffeinated, sugar fest?

Stay tuned tomorrow for a trip to the Global Market!