Thankfulness 2013 / Part 3

29 Nov
Thanksgiving2013 icon 4

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Here I am, thinking about this verse as I sit at my parent’s kitchen table. The table where I grew up eating casseroles and stir-fries. The table where many thanksgiving have been eaten before. I’m reminded how many things there are to rejoice in, how many prayers have been answered, and how many things there are to give thanks for.

I’m so thankful to be at my family’s house this Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for the normal stuffing we ate yesterday and all the leftovers ready to be heated up for lunch. I’m thankful that my sister is here as she prepares to head overseas for a semester come 2014. I’m thankful for my parents who are always around when I need them. They are such a constant in my life. Thank you Lord for my husband who is sitting here next to me and giving me sweet glances in between our sentences.

Thank you God for the things I know that I’m thankful for and all those things You have done for me that I don’t even know about.


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