Apartment Design / Kitchen Walls

20 Nov

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I’ve been wanting to write a couple posts about updating our lovely apartment after two years of living in it. The pictures below are from our eat-in kitchen area. I love Julia Child quotes so I found these printables on a blog. (Unfortunately, I printed the off so long ago that by the time I actually got them up and took pictures I can’t seem to find where they were from.) Here are a couple other options in case you’re also looking for some great “typographically sound” printable Julia Child wall art (design 1) (design 2) (design 3) (design 4).

IMG_6730Here I am looking into a mirror I refinished.

IMG_6732 IMG_6734It used to be a gold-ish black color and unfortunately matched the previous look I was attempting to achieve. After the inspiration to put up a white floating shelf with white frames and colorful quotes, I knew the mirror had to change as well.

IMG_6735I took it outside and spray painted it white. However, it didn’t really change the mirror frame color white. It became more of a salmon pink. Against our light tan walls, let me tell you, it was a gorgeous color (not). IMG_6736So I ran to the store and grabbed another can of spray paint. This time a soft and dark grey color. It really covered up the awful pink nicely.

IMG_6738 IMG_6739When it dried (after several attempts while it was still wet), I used two different weights of sandpaper to rough up the frame. It reveals some of the “white” underneath and gives it a washed and worn effect.
IMG_6741I really like the looks of where this new kitchen is going! Sometimes inspiration hits and when it does, I like to grab spray paint and get some design work going!


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  1. Sue Mitchell Russell 20.20.2013 at 2:35 pm #

    I like it!

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