Weekend Recap / 5

18 Nov

Bradley and I had the opportunity to host my mom after she returned from a trip to China. While she was there she had the opportunity to teach english at two different camps! Yea, mom’s a world traveller. Note: When your family travels, it’s awesome living next to a major/international airport. Even if I don’t get to go, I at least get to see them on the way in and out of the country. πŸ™‚

Mom brought me back the most amazing gifts ever! You know how there are specialty Starbucks mugs in every city designed around what that part of the country is known for? Well, apparently they have them in China too! She hand delivered to me a China Starbucks mug!! Look at that Chinese dragon on the side. AMAZING! Knowing that I can’t get it anywhere makes it all the most valuable to me πŸ™‚

IMG_6765 IMG_6769She also brought home a roll-up practice mat used for drawing Chinese characters. Usually the children use them when they practice writing their language at a young age. Complete with this amazing brush, I now I have a way to practice new brush fonts! The best part is that it uses no ink, only water, and the lettering disappears in minutes so it’s reusable!

IMG_6744IMG_6746IMG_6748IMG_6750IMG_6751IMG_6761Super cool mom. Thanks for the gifts!

Note: I have never used this many exclamation points in a post before.


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