Running It Out

25 Oct

The last Healthify and running post I gave you was in May. I was running my first 10k on Memorial Day. That race ended so well for me and I finished in 58 minutes, which was under my goal time and pace rate! So in the spirit of continuing to knock racing goals off my bucket list, in August I decided to see if I could train for a half marathon.

September came around and I needed to find and sign up for a race. There wasn’t one in the range I wanted one so I compromised and signed up for one a month sooner than I was going to be ready. So Nervous!

A week before my race was supposed to happen, the government shut down. And because the race path was on National Park soil, they ended up rescheduling it for a month later. Now my half is on November 10th. I’ve had to adjust my training a little but I’m so happy to have some extra time!

Because the race trail covers both pavement and off-road, I’ve been running on both surfaces. Also, a couple of hills never hurt anyone. 🙂

Here are some pictures of my favorite trail run which goes over a river, down open roads, and up some hills. This day it also happened to start down-pouring during my run and I didn’t mind at all.  🙂

Ever tried to take a picture of yourself while running? (talent, my friend)IMG_3057


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