Thoughts / Growing up

14 Oct

This post is dedicated to my best friend and her family. This family means a lot to me are experiencing great tragedy right now. Pray for the Lord’s peace which passes all understanding.

Ever wonder why people, older than you, always say, “Don’t grow up too fast?” It’s like they know things you don’t. Like they are holding on to a secret that they don’t want to have to tell you. And they are. You’ll eventually find out. They’ve gone through things, that when you’re young, you can’t even imagine. When you’re young, you’re usually spared the world, a world of hard times, unexpected tragedy, and harsh realities. But as you grow up you’ll learn. You’ll come to those points where you feel like you can’t go on. People who grow up and maintain that child-like wonder, take time for a cup of coffee, enjoy simple pleasures are often those who make it through life happier. But even that doesn’t mean they’re spared dark times.

Adulthood hits us all at different points in our lives. Some when they have their own children and become acquainted with all their parents sacrificed. Some face it after high school when they leave home and find their own way. And still some are forced at a young age to come to terms with an earth-shattering event that will change their world forever. Tough times propel you into maturity. Often it comes when you’re least prepared. I mean, how can you prepare for tragedy that will change your life?

You can’t. You don’t want to. You have to live in the moment and appreciate the happiness that you have. Leave your life in the Lord’s hands and He will provide you with peace in the place you need it, support in the time you need it and love in the moment you need it.

You can’t choose when you grow up. But you can trust that God will be with you when you do.


I wrote this song years ago during a similar tragedy, but I feel like it’s appropriate now as well.

Can You hear me?
Can You hear my prayer tonight?
Can You show us
Why this man died last night?

Can You hear us?
Will You hear our prayers tonight?
Will we know why?
And will You be glorified in this?

We know that You are bigger
Much bigger than all of our dream
So help us Lord, to trust Your heart
When we can’t trace Your hand

Bigger by Jill Roy



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