Anniversary / 2

8 Oct

Sometimes, a picture can say more words than I do in a day. That’s why I like taking pictures. They capture moments and help you remember them years later. Today is Bradley and my Second Anniversary.

Why do we celebrate anniversaries? Whether it’s a month, a year or ten… 941668_10151676401172792_972891353_n

Milestones are good to remember. They remind us to look back and see how far we’ve come from that beginning point. How many times God has sustained you through trials and snares? How much grace and mercy has He extended to you? There’s so much to be grateful for. Look back and see. i-cNVzsKt-L

They remind us how much we’ve grown as a person and a couple. When you get married you know so little about the person you’ll spend forever with. Even though you think you know it all, and you may at that point, there will always be more to learn, understand, and love. Don’t forget to see how far you’ve come.  I have more love for this man everyday.i-psBRqD5-L

They are good days to focus on the love that we share. The love that brought you together. The love that keeps you there. And the choice to love today and in the future. God’s love and your love for each other. i-wM5rg9k-X3So on anniversaries, don’t forget to look back and remember the hard times; kindle your love for each other and choose make God the center of your marriage; and never forget those circumstances that brought you to the place you are now. Trust in the Lord and He will hold you there. He is the center. He is our center. The center of our marriage.

(All picture credit goes to the amazing Jennifer van Leeuwen. You can see our entire “2 Year” photo shoot here.)



One Response to “Anniversary / 2”

  1. apartmentwife 08.8.2013 at 10:38 am #

    such beautiful pictures – the love between the two of you is obvious 🙂

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