Summer 2013 / Life

4 Oct

Well Wednesday was a Gala recap and yesterday you heard all about the summer camps I work with. Today, look at the life I have outside of work. Life’s all about living with my husband and getting to experience new things with him!

Here we are at the Fourth of July parade in our home town. I love the Fourth and parades. Also we had brats. Those are awesome too.


One night we took locally sourced burgers and fries to a park by a lake. He’s so sweet. It was a great night.

Also, our friends Daniel and Jacinta got married and Bradley was the best man! What a great celebration and a fun day.

We travelled up to NY and visited my parents and sister. This is the lake I grew up going to. Some time we’ll have a house on a lake in the woods with a canoe. It’s the dream. Also, orange shoes. They’re the dream too. 1175270_10151844044132792_850450903_nTo cap off the summer, we watched the Fellowship of the Ring while the score was being performed by a live orchestra and choir!  Bradley’s a huge LoTR fan. He geeked out, I love live music, we sat on the lawn, and enjoyed a great summer night.

1011575_10151887007282792_931871524_nBeautiful nights and spending them with the man I love. I can’t think of a better way to spend a summer.



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