Summer 2013 / Camps

3 Oct

Now that you’re caught up on the Gala I planned early this summer, how about hearing more about what I did the past 3 months? Interested?

I got to play an Alien for camps. My name was JiRoy III and I was a queen. Can you say “Dream Role”? In that, I dabbled in wearing a long greyish-white wig, white face pain and a blue jump suit. It was sweet!


I visited Arlington National Cemetery for the first time.

IMG_2704 IMG_2705

Helped lead a group of girls before the throne of God.IMG_2719

Saw an amazing West Coast sunset at our camp in California.IMG_2739

Put my feet in the Pacific Ocean for the first time, while singing Wagon Wheel with my fellow camp staff. Good memories.

Visited the Air Force Academy and their beautiful chapel. Ran back to the visitor’s center in a downpour.


Saw an actual double rainbow. Twice the rainbow, twice the excitement!1017674_10151756089087792_1583296663_n

Got to play with these amazing musicians every night of 3 different camps! Bluegrass never sounded so good.1039510_10151755055598561_2115126220_o

My double keyboard and mic set-up. Love worshipping the Lord through music, especially at camp.1008373_611147535571011_1057211169_o


Had an amazing year at iGovern 2013. Thank you people who made it possible by working hard prepping, attending, and providing!

Tomorrow you’ll get the last Summer 2013 recap and next week we’ll start back with outfits, recipes, sharpie art and home decor (among other things). Stay tuned!


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