Family Reunion: Siblings

3 May

You may remember the vacation I took Turks and Caicos a few months ago. It was a lovely time to see the whole family (on my side) and relax on a tropical island. Many of you know what it’s like to grow up with siblings. I grew up with 3 for a total of 4 Russell kids.  We fought (sometimes words hurt), told on each other (you never want to be the one in trouble), and blamed things on each other (sometimes the parents saw through that). I remember one time my younger sister “carved” my name in her dresser and then reported it to mom. Yea, she’s a crafty one. But if you make it through all those contentious times growing up, you might actually become friends as adults.

But what I want to talk about is how some of that crazy family life never goes away. You are, in part, still the same person you were growing up, right? You probably have some of the same likes, personality traits, and quirks. Just because you’ve matured (hopefully) and started adulthood doesn’t mean that you’ve lost that family dynamic from childhood.

A family reunion is defined as: a time when all the siblings, parents and nieces and nephew are in the same house. We’ll all arrive and be happy to see each other. And we are. However, won’t be too long before one sibling does something to annoy another sibling. We still know how to push each other’s buttons. Maybe time has just been perfecting that. Some reunions, it’s like we are 17, 14, 10, and 8 again. We’ll still fight, tell on each other, and always blame the smallest one (me).

Do siblings every grow up?

It’s a question I’ve been wondering for a while. All four of us are basically out of the house now with families, careers and new home towns of our own. But we’ll always be siblings. We don’t grow out of that. We still have the parents who raised us, the childhood we grew up with, and the old tensions and personality traits that irk us.

We’ve grown up but we still act like kids when we are around each other. Maybe it’s ok if we are still a little crazy? We’ll always be siblings and I guess that’s something you have to deal with as a family. I love these three to death and never regret our times together. Even the family reunions. I love spending any chance I can with them. They are my family and we may fight but I will always love them for who they are.

(But this Thanksgiving, pray for us if you have a chance? 😉 )

Kate (31) — Skip (29) — Me (24) — Beka (20)

IMG_6131(Gorgeous picture by my amazing photographer husband Bradley Roy in Turks and Caicos)


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