Healthify Update

30 Apr

I was updating my “Workout” spreadsheet last night and thought, “I’d probably better give my blog and update on how Healthy Living is going”. So would you like to hear? I can tell you now that I’ve reached a few goals, I haven’t actually seen improvement but I can feel it, and I’m still going strong. I have a lot more energy and I’m excited for the coming weeks.

Let’s take a look at my 3 goals from the last post and see how they are workin’ out for me. (take that back: Let’s see how I’m makin them happen!)

1. Drinking at least 1.5 Liters of water a day

I am drinking at least this much water a day. I have a 1.5 liter water bottle I bring to work every day. I also have a glass of water at breakfast and at least one at dinner. This is going very well. I love seeing the empty bottle at the end of the day and know that I drank it all!

2. Eating at least 1 serving of fruit and 1 of vegetables at each meal

Breakfast: I’ve starting drinking green smoothies as a breakfast meal replacement. They have at least 1 fruit and 1 vegetable in them (probably more like 3-4). They taste great and make me feel so energized in the morning.

Lunch: I bring a piece of fruit (usually an apple) and raw vegetables to work. Sometimes it’s more like a salad with fruit, but either way I get two more servings.

Dinner: This meal seems the hardest to incorporate fruits and vegetables into. I know it shouldn’t be, because how easy is salad or a can of corn and fruit salad? But just so you know, I’m still working here. I usually get either fruits or vegetables on the plate. So that adds up to at least 5 fruits/vegetables a day. Not bad Jill.

3. Alternating running and 1 hour strength training every other day

This is also going very well. I’ve found that my most consistent days are Saturday through Wednesday. By Thursday, I don’t want to work out and Friday, well forget it. I hope to get more consistent but hey, maybe I just take my weekend rest days early!

What I’ve achieved so far:

  1. I’ve worked up to running 5 miles at a time! This is a huge achievement for me. I jumped up and down when I hit that mark yesterday. 😀 
  2. I signed up for a 10k on Memorial Day. If any of you are in the area, come join me! It’s my first 10k and I haven’t run a race since Thanksgiving so I’m looking forward to it. (I just need to add 1.2 miles to my runs!)
  3. Consistency in the three goals mentioned above (this is a big step forward).

These pics are from my 5 miler yesterday! 😀 (including a running selfie!)

IMG_9613 IMG_5401

Future goals:

  1. Sign up for and run a 20k (there’s one at the end of the summer I have my eye on but we’ll see). I’d like to run one by the end of the year.
  2. Work out 6 days a week allowing one day off.
  3. Cut back on fried and breaded foods. (cut back, not eliminate = here and there, once a week or less)

Consistency is my Goal. As a wise Pinterest picture said once:


(Source unknown)

I turned my picture yesterday into my Facebook cover photo. Love it!


How are you guys doing! Any fitness, weight loss or healthy living goals you’d like to share?


6 Responses to “Healthify Update”

  1. Brooke 30.30.2013 at 5:04 pm #

    Love your fitness updates – way to go! I had gotten to 75lb. on the bench press, then dropped back for a few weeks of less weight but higher # of reps and sets. Levi says this will build my strength in a different way and make it easier to keep increasing the weight again. Yay! Keep going!

  2. Emily 30.30.2013 at 8:26 pm #

    I have been doing so so on my new year’s resolution. I had lost nearly half of my weight I wanted to lose and gained it all back once it got to state testing time, I teach. Now I am just seeing summer on the horizon and am revamping my fitness goals!

    • Jill (joodlesdoodles) 01.1.2013 at 7:23 am #

      Hey Emily! I have a few weeks this summer where I know I will be too busy to work out. I’m trying to figure out how to squeeze some kind of fitness in. It’s those busy times when it’s also easy to renounce all my healthy eating habits! Good for you starting back in again. 🙂

  3. Caitlin N. 01.1.2013 at 7:13 am #

    Great job! I’m trying to work on my consistency and create healthy habits. I guess time and persistence is what it really takes! Right now, my goals are to run 3 miles non-stop, drink 2L of water per day, incorporate strength training into my routine, start swimming again (for cross-training).

    • Jill (joodlesdoodles) 01.1.2013 at 7:28 am #

      Amen to TIME and PERSISTENCE. The big two. Those are some great goals! I and thinking of swimming this summer as well. I find it hard to cross train on my off days from running. I love how it’s a full body workout!

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