Weekend Recap: BurgerFi

29 Apr

Bradley and I tried out the new burger joint in our town Saturday. If you didn’t know this (see last burger post), we are big burger people. And by that I mean we love burgers not that we look like big, big burgers. 😉

We drove by BurgerFi last time we went to the movies. I loved how it looked from the outside with patio seating and modern logo and was excited to see inside. I had heard from friends that it wasn’t as good as the acclaimed Market Burger, but we still had to try it out.

Here are a few pictures of the restaurant as we walked in. I love their metal chairs and large wooden tables.

IMG_2163 IMG_8491How cool are these light fixtures! They look like a mix between antlers and twisty ties. 
I love burgers that require napkins. If they don’t get you messy, they aren’t doing it right.

IMG_0792We placed our order. The menu screens neared the top of the 15+ foot ceilings were a bit hard to read but we found paper menus at the front of the line. He ordered fries and I ordered onion rings, saying we would share with each other. We’re good like that. Grabbing our drinks, we headed outside to find a table in the sun. Gorgeous day.
IMG_2822My love bringing me our dinner! He’s so handsome 😀 My Captain America.

IMG_4937As he brought the tray toward me, the most noticeable thing on it was the onion rings. Onion Rings like you’ve never seen before. Onion rings so large the looked like bangles for an Amazon. Where you do you find onions that large?

onionringsBoth the rings and the fries were tasty. The fries were the right amount of crispiness and meatiness. Delicious! The burgers did indeed live up to their messiness claim. Look at that bacon and cheese just oozing out! Over all a good burger (still not Market Burger) but better than our last outing at Melt.

IMG_7425If you ever come to Northern Virginia, I will personally take you to Market Burger. Yes, it’s that good and no, no need to thank me.

After the delicious dinner we went on a drive looking for places to take a few photos. From time to time, B likes practicing his photography skills and I am a willing subject. Sometimes, I like my outfits to be captured by more than my iPhone. (Pictures from that shoot coming soon!)


We took a back road. One we hadn’t ever before. And Ended up someway we didn’t expect. It was glorious. Blasting the country music, getting lost, enjoying the nature, such a good Saturday evening. 😀

IMG_8875What did you do last weekend? Did it involve food, adventure and pictures? To stay in touch with me on the weekend by following my Instagram: joodlesdoodles.


2 Responses to “Weekend Recap: BurgerFi”

  1. Rachel Heffington 29.29.2013 at 3:57 pm #

    Gah. Burgers. and country music. And your very own Captain America? Sounds amazing. ;D I’ll take you up on the Market Burger. 😉 And hey…has Daniel been there?

    • Jill (joodlesdoodles) 29.29.2013 at 3:59 pm #

      Next time you’re up we are going 🙂 He went a few weeks ago for lunch and said he loved it!

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