Product Review: Folgers Breakfast Blend

24 Apr

Are you a coffee drinker? I am and I look forward to my first cup every morning. I always brew it right from the Keurig we got for our wedding. Now, I know you might prefer to use a Chemex or French Press, but until I have one for myself, I’ll stick with my tried and true Keurig.

As you know, Keurigs can brew coffee, tea, hot chocolate and many other drinks. All you have to do insert this little thing called a K-Cup and go! There are so many different blends, flavors, and brands of coffee though, how do you make a choice!? I’m actually asking you, how do you choose your preferred K-Cup coffee?

My favorite ones are all “Blends”, meaning they aren’t straight “French Vanilla” or “Dark Magic” but  are a mix of two different beans with distinct flavors. This means you’re getting a deeper and more rich flavor profile in one cup! That’s what my coffee guru friends tell me anyway. 😉

There’s this particular one called Folger’s Breakfast Blend. It’s been my favorite for a while and sure makes a great cup of coffee. I’ll tell you, it’s one of the highlights of my morning, every morning. I don’t add anything except half and half so I am sure to get the full flavor of the coffee.

IMG_4663 IMG_1595

So do you have a favorite flavor, blend or brand? I’d love to hear! I’m always looking for something new to try.

*All views are my own. This is not a sponsored post and I did not benefit from writing it.


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