Weekend Recap: Dancing and Brunch

17 Apr

B and I love brunch. Some of our favorite people to have it with are the Kauffmans. I’ve talked about Brooke and Levi before. They’re good people. Good people who love brunch like we do! We get together ever month or so on  Saturday and make brunch together. It’s a great time of food and laughter.

Our menu last Saturday consisted of:

  • Southwest scrambled eggs with peppers and onions
  • Sausage and Bacon
  • Buttermilk pancakes with wild berry sauce
  • Fruit salad
  • Orange juice and coffee

This is what the kitchen looked like as I prepped for brunch. I love cooking and late Saturday brunch making is my favorite. Look at the bright light coming through the window! Morning is the only time we get natural light in that part of the house so I like to relish it.


Here are some pictures of the table. Semi-pretty or at least simple and clean! (sometimes it’s the small things)IMG_3765 IMG_6105IMG_1753

Brooke’s so pretty 😀IMG_5035

Here’s my plate, full of delicious food!

IMG_1488And after. I cleared it in about 5 minutes…I’m a food…fanatic?? Yes, I’m definitely a fan of food.

IMG_3981Afterwards we played some games and tried out Dance Central on Kinect! I’m a big fan and have used it to workout for a while but B and I were excited to bring Levi and Brooke in on the action. I don’t have any pictures of me, but here’s Brooke!

dancing1She said she was sore the next day. I guess it is a good workout!

I also got to wear my new DIY necklace from the other day’s tutorial. I love it!

IMG_3932I would ask you how your weekend was but it’s already Wednesday! How’s your week going?







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