Weekend Recap: Easter

1 Apr

This past weekend was one of the most restful ones I’ve had in a while. As you may have read here on Friday, I had the day off (thank you Good Friday!). It was amazing to be in the apartment alone for a full 12 hours by myself. This introvert needed to hear the sound of nothing. When B came home from work it was such a sweet evening together with him. This is what our sunset looked like.IMG_9205

These were our homemade burgers. My special burger recipe and curly fries were the perfect addition to our Friday night. Delicious!IMG_5680

Saturday morning, I changed my the background on my phone to this one from Design Love Fest. I also have it as my computer wallpaper at work. It’s such a lovely design don’t you think?IMG_1547

Sunday, we slept in and then went to church for a special Easter Service. Not only was a great to worship with many visitors that day (over 3100 people attended the 10:30am service) but we also heard a great story of love and redemption. Hallelujah!

After church, B and I went home and prepped for dinner later with friends. We brought sweet potato casserole and rosemary dinner rolls. Other components of the dinner included, ham, mashed pepper jack potatoes, glazed carrots, deviled eggs and banana cream pie. Such a good food weekend for Jill! 😀

Our friends had prepared Easter baskets for me and B. It was my first time receiving one. What an experience! Now my house is full of lovely candy 🙂 (first one is mine, the second one is B’s)

After dinner we played Agricola. It only took 4 hours. Or what seemed like an eternity. It was a board game that required you to grow your family, crops, and animals. At the end of the game you counted up the points you’ve earned depending on food harvested, sheep lambed and children born. 🙂 Definitely a fun, loooong game.


What did you do last weekend? Did you get to spend it with family or friends? I  hope you had a blessed Easter no matter where you ended up.


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