Instagram: The Sky

28 Mar

I was recently looking through all my Instagram photos. All 400 of them. Exactly 400, yes. They fall into a few categories, food, daily style or sunrise/sets “the sky”. That got me thinking. What is it that I love about sunrise, sunsets, and the sky and why do I feel the need to Instagram them?

1) The look beautiful. Whether the sun shining through the clouds or there is an intense purple color mixed with blue to create and ombre effect, it’s beautiful.

2) I love basking in the sun. The feeling of warmth coming from the sun as I sit in my car during lunch break is one of the best feelings.

3) It fills me with love of my Creator and the everyday loveliness He put on this earth. Even after I take the pictures, they never capture the entire amazing splendor of the sunset. It looks so small in comparison.

4) I love how many analogies can be drawn from the sky, the sun and the clouds. Whether it be a clouded day with the sun shining through (telling me that God’s there even through the storms) or a bright sunny day (where I feel God’s blessings very close to me) or when I look up at the sky and just take in how big it is (where I try to comprehend God’s magnitude is), I’m always learning about my Savior.

5) I want to share this awesomeness with others! I just can’t contain the beauty of the sky. The fact that there are sunrises and sunsets every day? Amazing.

What do you Instagram most often? What do you think it says about you? If you’d like to follow me on Instagram, my name is joodlesdoodles!


One Response to “Instagram: The Sky”

  1. Sue Mitchell Russell 28.28.2013 at 7:32 pm #

    Oh, Jill, these are beautiful. I love reading your thoughts, too, about God. ❤

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