Weekend Recap

25 Mar

This past weekend was a busy one. On Friday, B and I saw Olympus Has Fallen in theaters. It was good not great, basically a mix of Air Force One and the first Die Hard movie. (so says B) So appealing to me because I love those movies but so much with the on-screen violence. ehh.

Saturday started early with a conference in West Virginia. In the spring, my organization, Generation Joshua, will travel around to conferences and conduct educational government teen track for teens. This teen track is called iObject and teaches the teens how a Grand Jury works. All the staff members of GenJ (what we call Generation Joshua for short), participated this conference. It was pretty fun to have everyone playing different witnesses, prosecutors, judge and officers.

The case that we presented for them, they get to play the Grand Jury, it is set in the 1930s in Chicago. Essentially, there is a murder and they kids have to question witnesses, look at evidence and determine who is guilty for what crimes.

As you can tell in the pictures below, each witness/character had a different personality, accent, and attire. Quite the comedy routine.

iobject1 iObject2I played an Italian chef who encountered one of the suspects as they ran through my kitchen. My name was Marcela and I was known for my Chicken Florentine. 🙂

IMG_8351The kids could not get over how much I talked about my pasta.

Sunday, I wasn’t feeling so well. Waking up with a headache, we attended the latest church service. Then at night we met up with friends and ate bbq chicken, decorated eggs (for Easter!) and played Phase 10.

Here are some of our eggs! It was my first time decorating them. Quite the experience.


eggs2I really like the marbled one and the teal one that says “Life” on it.

Also, these last pics are from this morning, but we got snow!!! I’m pretty stoked. This NY girl’s heart was full. We were able to come in to work late and in casual wear. Yes!! What did you do last weekend?

IMG_9907 IMG_3927


One Response to “Weekend Recap”

  1. Brooke 25.25.2013 at 9:05 pm #

    I just wanna say….you’re welcome. For the inspiration. 😉

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