Workwear: Khaki skirt and navy printed dress

22 Mar

I wasn’t sure if I was going to post this outfit. Looking at it now, I really don’t like the look of this pink sweater. Even though I’ve worn it a lot and you’ve seen it in many outfits on this blog, it makes my legs look shorter and the pockets on the sweater widen my hips.

However, it’s a good lesson for both me and you to learn. Sometimes things don’t look the same in pictures as they do on. You can always change out a skirt for pants or a sweater for a blazer, which could totally change the look. Also, even though the colors work and the combination is fun, the belt looks (is) too tight and the skirt shrunk so I had to suck in to zip it up. 🙂 (HONESTLY!)

I really wish it would have worked. I love the colors and how the pattern of the dress works with the khaki skirt.
IMG_8422Skirt: Target ($15) — Dress: Ross ($10) — Sweater: Eddie Bauer ($15) — Heels: Ross ($8) — Necklace: Target ($2)


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