New Office: Wall Decor

22 Mar

This is the last edition in my New Office series. Here I showed you my desk, and here is my sitting area. Today, we move on to how I’ve decorated the walls.

I used mirrors in two different places because it makes my tiny office appear larger than life. Also, I hate fluorescent lighting so of course the over heads are always off and I used 4 different table lamps. Also you’ll see the card stock window decor on the back wall from the other day.

The two canvas pieces really make the walls come alive and bring the outdoors indoors. One is of B and me on our wedding day and the other one depicts a birch bark tree.IMG_5963


Shout out to Shannon Brown for making it in this post as her blog is on my screen! 🙂

IMG_7085 IMG_9758What do you think of the finished office decor? I love the way it turned out and look forward to coming to work every day because I have such a nice environment here.


One Response to “New Office: Wall Decor”

  1. Sue Mitchell Russell 22.22.2013 at 11:05 pm #

    Love the canvas pieces and the mirror idea.

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