Art for a Cause

21 Mar

This past week, I was talking to one my friends and fellow blogger, Rachel. She’s a dear friend and we’ve had gotten to know each other through different political endeavors and my job at Generation Joshua. She’s not just interested in politics, but she’s also creative, innovative and she’s going to Romania in two weeks on a missions trip!

To this end, she’s hosting a coffee shop to fund raise a little before April 5th. I offered to make some things to help her decorate, or perhaps even sell to benefit her at the coffee shop tomorrow night. I wish I could be there to support her but since I can’t, I’m helping in this way.

You may have seen some of the things I made over Instagram (joodlesdoodles) or on Facebook. But here are some additional photos of what I’ve been working on to support her trip to Romania.

The first piece was a take off of something I found on the almighty Google. It’s a cute depiction of various coffees. The faces on each cup are so cute!


The next one shows the make up of all sorts of coffee drinks. Like a cheat sheet for a barista. And since she’s holding a coffeehouse, I thought it would be perfect. I made a stencil for the cup outlines so they would each come out the same size and shape.


IMG_1730IMG_6778The last one I did on canvas. I had one lying around from an old project, so I reused it here for a cause! First, I printed the words on card stock and cut them out. Then, I attached sticky tape to the back and placed them on the canvas. Next, I found some spray paint from another project and took it all outside to cover the canvas in paint. After it dried, I peeled the letters off. Cafe En Romania is the name of her coffee shop tomorrow night!


IMG_1827What do you think? Make sure you go over and check out Rachel’s blog. She’s a creative genius and excellent writer! 🙂


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