Card Stock Window Wall Decor

20 Mar

Here’s a really simple wall decor idea that you can do in a night. The only supplies you need are cardstock, scissors, and thumb tacks.

1) Cut the card stock in one inch strips. 4 strips per window. (16 total in my project) I used two different colors for contrast.



2) Divide the strips into piles of four.

IMG_16343) Each strip will need a half-inch cut, 1 inch in from the end. Two cuts on each strip total. One at either end.


4) Slide the strips together, connecting them in a square. Do this with all 16 strips to create 4 boxes.


IMG_79385) Now overlay one color box over an opposing color (about 2 inches in from the corner connecting point) and make another 1/2 inch cut so they slide together.


IMG_23336) You will end up with two pieces.  When you hang it on the wall it looks like this!

IMG_6949Later this week you will get to see what it looks like on my office wall!



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