Workwear: Plum shirt and leopard print belt

18 Mar

Something I’ve noticed about H&M shirts is that they aren’t made for petite women. I picked out this shirt for my birthday there last year and it and the others I bought ended up being extra roomy in the shoulders. It’s not that the shirt is too long for me, but the area around my arms and shoulders is way too big even though it fits everywhere else. This leads me top believe that their tops are made for much taller, stretched out women (Read: European figures). On the other hand, the pants, skirts and dresses fit me well.

All this to say, you will find that some articles of clothing will fit you and some will not at the same store. You may be able to buy pants at Old Navy but their sweaters don’t fit. Or the shirts at Target fit you but their pants never do. Don’t settle on something just because it’s conveniently located or inexpensive. If it doesn’t fit, either have a plan to alter it, or don’t buy it. 
IMG_5950IMG_8553Shirt: H&M gift — Skirt: Gap ($5) — Belt: Target ($10) — Heels: Kohl’s ($18) — Necklace: Target ($2)


One Response to “Workwear: Plum shirt and leopard print belt”

  1. Brooke 18.18.2013 at 8:44 am #

    I agree with that statement re: H&M. I gave up a long time ago.

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