Vacation Recap pt. 6

18 Mar

Last one. I promise. I’m sure you’re all bored with our fantastic trip to Turks and Caicos two weeks ago. But if you aren’t, go back and read part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5 before you continue. It will give you some context and overview.

For our second boat ride of the week everyone came along. It was another half day charter and again we had the entire vessel to our 11 person family self. Lovely.

As a side note, we almost ran out of sunscreen by this point in the week. Apparently, 5 bottles wasn’t enough? For this reason you may see me in sweatshirts and covered in towels on what was a gorgeous day on the water.

We began the boat ride with snorkeling, something we were able to do during our whole time on the island. The reefs were gorgeous and as our house was on the beach we could swim out from our backyard to see the beauty. This day, the whole family participated and even were fortunate enough to see a barracuda!

tandc1The kids got to steer the boat for a while. They sure enjoyed that.

IMG_8482Then we visited Iguana Island. Just east of Providenciales, Iguana Island is a National Park created for the sole purpose of protecting the massive amounts of gigantic endangered iguanas that live there.

Next we boated around, drove around? hmm. Floated, sped. Sped around a few more islands. The guide pointed out this one small island where a few celebrities have vacation homes, including Bill Cosby and Chuck Norris. The only way to access this tiny island is by boat.

IMG_3806Then we dove for conch. You know those beautiful, large shells that people hold up to their ears and swear they can hear the ocean? Those are conch shells. B, brother, brother-in-law and my younger sister dove for them in one of the shallow places in between the islands. While the guide brought in the most (5 conchs), B dove for 3 and the brother-in-law scored 1. I call B the Conch King! Just watching them was entertaining. It was so hard to catch those rascally conchs!

Apparently, conch tastes great raw and the guides wanted to make us conch salad to go along with our salsa and chips and fresh fruit. The didn’t get me to try any but I hear it wasn’t bad. They even showed us how to dig out the creature without breaking the shell! Below you will see how they look pulled from the ocean and then later scrubbed clean and holding garnish.


This is what the conch mixed with lime juice and salsa looked like. Serve with tortilla chips. Makes a great dip.

IMG_7913Following diving, digging and eating, we landed on a “deserted” island. That was until a large yacht pulled up next to us ruining the quiet atmosphere. Either way, it looked like this from afar.

IMG_1717Supposedly, this was one of the few places you can find sand dollars. While there were tons of shells, and beautiful ones at that, B only found a half sand dollar (that later broke). Not too disappointed, we gathered up other pretty shells for me to bring home. I plant to make some necklaces out of them!

We hopped back on the boat and here I am in B’s sweatshirt. #1 goal: Avoid sunburn. It almost worked.


On the way back, we got to hang out some more, listen to Caribbean music, dance a little and rest. I would definitely do this day all over again. It was probably the best one of the week!

tandc3This is what my feet looked like the next day. We had aloe plants in our front yard. I took advantage of them.


Our last night on the island. We went out to dinner at a nice restaurant right on the beach. Can you believe this is what we ate dinner next to?

tandc4An amazing sunset! These are the raspberry macaroons with strawberry ice cream I tried for dessert. Huh-mazing. 😀

IMG_1482Going home was definitely hard. It would be great to come back some day but until then, I’ve got great memories.



4 Responses to “Vacation Recap pt. 6”

  1. Jennifer van Leeuwen 18.18.2013 at 6:09 pm #

    Hearing about your trip, I’m actually interested in someday going to the tropics. Your trip sounds like a trip to a tropical island ought to be. You inspire. =)

    • Jill (joodlesdoodles) 22.22.2013 at 10:40 am #

      Thanks Jennifer. It really was a dream vacation. Um, you could make friends with a destination wedding couple? 🙂

  2. Krystle Callaway 18.18.2013 at 8:25 pm #

    Sounds like an amazing trip. We may just have to go for Christmas. 🙂

    • Jill (joodlesdoodles) 22.22.2013 at 10:39 am #

      You definitely should Krystle. It was such an amazing experience and I’d highly recommend it to anyone. If you go I look forward to seeing pictures!

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