Vacation Recap pt. 5

15 Mar

Last week, me, B and the family traveled to Turks and Caicos for a week-long family reunion. You can catch up on part 1part 2part 3, and part 4 here.

Wednesday morning we piled in the 15-passenger van and headed out to find a market place and shops where we could get some locally made souvenirs.  As I mentioned in my first post, there’s not much on the island and even finding this cultural market place was a challenge.

We road along down the coast to the other end of the island. Finding this sign:

IMG_1036It’s very unassuming when you look at it. But they had about 10-15 shops (30 at the next market we went to) in the vicinity. Each booth was run by a different vendor but they  were all selling relatively the same articles: shell necklaces, colorful bags, carved picture frames, beach cover-ups, and touristy t-shirts.


Mom gathered up some items for future birthday presents, as well as a carved turtle picture frame, and some earrings. Skip took a touristy t-shirt with hip iguanas on it. The nieces got handmade dolls and I scored a carved wood turtle necklace on leather cord.

The thing about these market places is that every price was negotiable. The vendors were always willing to reduce the price if you were about to walk away from their booth. Mom’s great at bargaining. I think she paid about half the amount I would have because she enjoys that kind of thing. Me, I’d pay what they offered the first time. My thinking, “Either the necklace is $15 or it’s not. But at least be honest with me!!” 🙂

Out behind this one market was the most gorgeous beach on the island. The sand was soft and almost silky. The water was pure aqua without a rocky shore or ounce of seaweed. (I’m sure they worked hard to make it that way, but I was a fan of the beauty!)

IMG_3168Husband on the beach looking all tan and handsome. 😉

IMG_5707While the rest of the family was continuing to shop the older niece and I took a seat out by the water. She’s a cutie.


She wanted to take a picture of us. Back light aside, it shows the beauty of the area.


At the next shopping location, Dad decided the kids looked like they could use some ice cream. And by “the kids” I mean his kids not my sister’s kids. 😉 There was this cute shop called Giggles where I sipped on a strawberry shake. This mural was on the shop wall around the corner. It’s a map of the Turks and Caicos Islands. The island we were on, Providenciales, is depicted directly below the compass.IMG_1913

This concluded our extensive shopping trip. That night we had scheduled family pictures on the beach. This involved everyone showering, make-uping and dressing somewhat similarly. My husband graciously offered to take all the photos. It was a great undertaking and I applaud his patience.IMG_9508You will definitely get to see more of these later. This one is just from my Instagram: joodlesdoodles

Next time, you’ll get to hear about our second boat ride where, among other things, we dove for conch!


2 Responses to “Vacation Recap pt. 5”

  1. Krystle Callaway 15.15.2013 at 8:57 pm #

    I’m enjoying reading about your T&C vacation. Keep it coming! Looks so beautiful!


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