Vacation Recap pt. 3

13 Mar

Last week, me, B and the family traveled to Turks and Caicos for a week-long family reunion. You can catch up on part 1 and part 2 here.

One of the activities the guys definitely wanted to take part in was sport fishing and reef fishing.My sister and I tagged along (because she likes to fish and I like to boat) Last Tuesday, we met our boat down at the marina. Only a 5 minute walk from our house, this marina is the same one where we had eaten the night before.

We chartered this small boat for a half day excursion. The plan was to start out sport fishing and then move to reef fishing depending on our successes. Here we are waiting for our guide to join us.

tandc13There were 7 of us that went from our family and it was wonderful that we were able to have the boat to ourselves. They provided drinks and chips for our refreshment and they were a welcome nourishment. (more on that later)

Here were are having just boarding the boat and settling in for a, what would be, rocky trip across Grace Bay, over the breakers and out to the deeper ocean. (brother-in-law, nephew and the patriarch)

tandc14The disappointing thing was that we sat out in the water for about 1.5 – 2 hours before we started getting bites. We had to move around a lot looking for some fish to eat what we were offering. During that time, every one of us felt seasick. It was pretty unusual. I’m not typically a seasick person and it was uncharacteristic that everyone on the boat was feeling the same way. Two of our beloved siblings tossed there cookies. (bummer) It seems that the storm the night before had made fishing and keeping our breakfast down more difficult.

(it may have been very windy and yes, we do have matching Ray-bans)
My nephew looked like a mini hulk (oxymoron?) with his life jacket under his sweatshirt.

IMG_0463Finally, we got some nibbles and quickly used all the bait we brought. Those quick thieving fish…

tandc16Finally two on the hook! Grouper for B and Triggerfish for the brother-in-law


It ended up being a great day. On the way back to shore, we were all feeling better after collectively catching 10? fish and finally breaking out the chips and soda. I really do love boats. Though you won’t see me fishing much, it was a ton of fun riding over the breakers. (air time!)

This is what the water looked like on our way back to the marina. Seriously, it was this aqua blue color.
This was the name of our house // our walk back from a beautiful day fishing!

tandc18Do you like fishing, boats and breakers? Stay tuned tomorrow for a birthday bash and gourmet dinner!


4 Responses to “Vacation Recap pt. 3”

  1. Bradley 13.13.2013 at 4:27 pm #

    I miss it already. 🙂


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