Destination Family Reunion

1 Mar

This coming week, my man and I will be in a secret destination location with my parents, siblings and their offspring. Ok, it’s not sooo secret but it is tropical, and an island and could be one of those destination wedding places. 🙂

I’m very excited to see everyone gather in one place for an entire week (especially my nieces and nephew)! My older sister has three kids and they are adorable! These pictures are from last thanksgiving when we all got together to celebrate food. Well, no it was about thankfulness and God’s blessings but food was included in that.

Me and my younger sister. Picture taken by the older of my two nieces.IMG_0990 My husband and the older two kids. Are they so cute!IMG_3412 My younger sister and older niece. They’re buds. IMG_4718All the girls at a Panera outing. Older niece again with the mad picture taking skillz.IMG_7440IMG_8589
And me and the cutest, sweetest little girl ever!

Here we are after the Thanksgiving morning Turkey Trot 5k.


I’m extremely excited that we get to spend a week away with them. Look forward to more pictures of our adventures and sweet times together when we get back!


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