Workwear: Bird Blouse and Olive Pants

27 Feb

Tip: If you’re petite, give yourself permission to browse through the girls/boys department. Often times shirts will fit better and cost half the price!

I found this colorful bird blouse in the girl’s section of Old Navy. Size Large was a perfect fit and it only cost $10 on sale! I also looked in the boy’s department before I left and found the grey linen shirt, which I wore on Monday (also a size large). Not everything will be age appropriate or fit a women’s figure, but it doesn’t hurt to look, especially as they often half the price of women’s clothing.

Also, I love the neckline on this blouse. I have nothing else like it!
IMG_4931IMG_0963 IMG_9057Shirt: Old Navy: ($10) — Sweater: Eddie Bauer ($15) — Pants: Target ($15) — Shoes: Target ($10)


One Response to “Workwear: Bird Blouse and Olive Pants”

  1. Sue Mitchell Russell 28.28.2013 at 12:00 am #

    Nice outfit, Jill.

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