Workwear: Butterfly scarf and white cardi

22 Feb

Tip: If you have a dress that is high-waisted, put a cardigan over it and you will be able to place a belt at any waist level you choose!

I love this little black dress and I’ve had it for more than 7 years. It’s so versatile! One problem I had is that it has a high waist. The waist band is right under my bust, which makes it hard to wear with belts (at my natural waist line) or cardigans that aren’t cropped. However, I discovered that if you put a cardigan on and then the belt you can cover up the actual waist line is on the dress and make your own.

Adding a scarf or a leather jacket completes the outfit!

IMG_6311 IMG_0354 IMG_2531IMG_7779
Dress:  Loft gift — Sweater: Old Navy gift — Belt: Kohl’s gift — Scarf: Gift Shop at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in DC ($20) — Jacket: Ross ($10) — Flats: Target ($7)


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