His Valentine’s Surprise

15 Feb

Yesterday, I posted about what I planned for B’s Valentine’s day. Today I’d like to share what he did for me!

Somehow, without my knowledge, he snuck into my work office Wednesday. So when I arrived Thursday morning I was greeted with a salutation that made me blush (on the communal office whiteboard, I might add),

IMG_8730a huge bouquet of flowers and a beautiful card on my desk,

IMG_5158and, another message on the white board in my office. 🙂

IMG_0037(yes it did make me smile)

Immediately after finding all this, I called him with a huge smile on my face. I couldn’t stop giggling as I thanked him for his surprise. It completely made my day and set the tone for our Valentine’s.

As I mentioned yesterday, I surprised him with lunch, a romantic card, and heart-shaped balloons at the door of our apartment at lunch. (I love him!)

Then for dinner we went to a favorite restaurant where we share many memories. Olive Garden. Even with the 45 minute wait where we opened more cards and gifts, shared events from our day and laughed at the kids running around (with copious amounts of sugar energy), it was a night to remember.

We waited,

IMG_9221and waited,

IMG_3926And never enjoyed a Valentine’s night more. I gave him a book on Concept Artistry from the Hobbit (a passion of his) and a “Second Breakfast Diner” shirt on the Lord of the Rings hobbit theme.

Along with his shirt, this is the shirt I got for the occasion.

IMG_4824A lovely find on Amazon. 🙂 I think I’ll wear it everywhere to let the world know!

I also scored this half-price mug from Starbucks that I’ve been eyeing for quite some time.

IMG_1976I love us. Bradley, you are the most amazing husband and my favorite. I couldn’t have ask for any better from God for me. I am continually amazed at your love and thoughtfulness.

I love you and Happy Valentine’s Day.






One Response to “His Valentine’s Surprise”

  1. mommag7 15.15.2013 at 8:41 pm #

    Well you know that I think you have a really special husband! I enjoy you two so much, always make me smile! you are like a continuous Valentine’s Day~ May it always be so bless God!

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