Love Day Plans!

14 Feb

This Valentine’s Day I have a couple of fun things planned.

1) I made a personalized crossword puzzle for Bradley.  It’s named, You’re My Favorite (something we say to each other). I created it on Discovery Education. They have several personalized puzzle options!


2) I joined Dating Divas (for free!) and part the perks of being on their mailing list is that they will send you printables every so often! I highly recommend this because I love giving B cards and they have such cute ones!

I hid these cute little ones around the house before I left for work this morning.


3) I brought him lunch from his favorite sandwich shop with a card and heart balloons! (also had playing Sweet Pea when I showed up to deliver it) 😉

IMG_9954What do you have planned?

(Tomorrow, I’ll show you what he did for me. Jaw-dropping, Amazing, and Fantastic)


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