Newlywed Game

13 Feb

One of the date ideas from my Date Night in a Box was playing the Newlywed Game with B! Now if you aren’t familiar with the Newlywed game, it was originally and old game show that would feature a few couple who was newly married. The host would ask the husbands questions about the wives and then the wives would have to answer the same question. Matching answers would get you points!

I put together some questions with help from Lisette over at Northern Belle Diaries for our own version of the Newlywed game. Below is a sampling of the questions we used the other night for our date night. When you play, feel free to add or subtract your own!

Questions About Jill

  • What’s the best meal she’s ever cooked?
    Both answered: Tacos
  • What is the worst meal she’s ever cooked?
    He said: Non-oniony slimey onion chicken (truth)
    She said: Vegetable soup
  • If you could throw one item of her clothing out what would it be?
    He said: Flats (I had no clue!)
    She said: Baggy jeans
  • What is your favorite thing about her?
    He said: Her uninhibited laugh
    She said: Cooking
  • What is her favorite comfort food?
    He said: Cheesy bread
    She said: Potatoes
  • If she could have unlimited access to any store what would she choose?
    Both answered: Target!

Questions about Bradley

  • What is his dream job?
    She said: Destination Photographer
    He said: Concept artist
  • What was his first job?
    She said: Hardware store
    He said: Detasseling corn
  • What is his favorite tv show?
    Both answered: The Office
  • What is your favorite feature about him?
    Both answered: His eyes
  • Where is his dream vacation?
    She said: Alaska
    He said: New Zealand/Tahiti
  • If he was a cartoon, which one would he be?
    She said: Calvin and Hobbes
    He said: Tom and Jerry

Questions about Us

  • What is most different about you two?
    He said: Our sensitivity
    She said: Communication styles
  • What is the most similar thing about you two?
    He said: Our thoughtfulness
    She said: Our precision, timeliness and preparation
  • Who first said, “I love you”?
    He said: Me
    She said: Me 😉
  • Who is the better driver?
    Both answered: Bradley
  • What were your wedding colors?
    Both answered: Blue and Brown
  • How long have you been married?
    Both answered: Almost a year and a half

Bradley definitely cleaned up on this one. He answered almost all the questions about me correctly, where as I, tragically failed at the ones about him.

We had a blast learning about each other! I would love to hear your answers. Post them below or email me at!


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