Workwear: Printed top and red belt

11 Feb

With this one shirt comes many new possibilities. When I bought it last week, it felt like I was cheating. There are so many new ways to mix the pieces I have, that adding a new top in the mix gives me an easy way out! I’m not really joking, I like exploring all the possibilites and using the resources I have to their very ends. 🙂

I love this outfit because it mixes color and business casual. I tried on grey mary janes first, but switched them out because the straps were cutting off my height at the ankles. Even thought they are heels, they made me look shorter (than my 5’1″ already does).

IMG_0970 IMG_3528 IMG_6980

So I put on black flats instead and the outfit pulled together and looked a lot more visually pleasing.

Shirt: Target ($14) — Sweater: JCrew gift — Skirt: Gap ($5) — Belt: Kohl’s gift — Flats: Target ($7) — Necklace: Target ($2)


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