Heart Envelopes

11 Feb

Today, I’m mailing the Valentine’s that I made last week. I crafted some brown paper hearts and turned them into envelopes. It took some trouble shooting along the way but they ended up looking great!

First, I bought a roll of craft paper at Walmart: under $5

IMG_5053Then I made a card stock heart as a template. I traced around the heart a couple times on the craft paper.

IMG_4465Then I cut out the hearts. The wider the heart the better (as I figured out later).

IMG_7873Fold in the sides of heart.

IMG_3872This heart was a little thin and needed some more width. 😉 The one below turned out a better.

IMG_2491Then you fold down the top of the heart.

IMG_1034After I folded it, it actually looks better if you do it this way (folding the top down first and then the sides in):

IMG_3873Finally, fold down the point and tape!

IMG_0113Add Knot and Bow hearts 😀

IMG_2886After some trial and error, these heart envelopes turned out great! Thanks for tagging along in this process. Let me know what you think!



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